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  1. Interesting. When I signed up with them 3 years ago at their Bangkok office, they made great play of being "French" with their global headquarters being in Paris. The sales rep I met with was Laotian and claimed to have been recruited in Paris. Either way, I've been very impressed with them...up to now. I'm paid up for another 8 months, but I won't be renewing without a clarification of this issue. WRLife look like a good alternative, with their premium rates fixed until you make a claim.
  2. I'm surprised Thais survive at all seeing as they eat white rice and high quantities of sugar every day.
  3. I'm surprised and disappointed if Luma really do this, as they are a French owned company. To be honest, I'm not convinced it's the case, but I will certainly ask for clarification before I renew.
  4. Thousands of well-off Thais visit the UK every year (or did before Covid) and just apply for visas themselves. If she has the finances for the trip and a genuine reason to return to Thailand after her holiday it should be straightforward, with no need for an agent over-complicating things to justify their fee!
  5. If you intend to use the UK Marriage certificate for visa or extension purposes in Thailand, get it legalised (by the UK Legalisation Office in Milton Keynes) and then certified by the Thai Embassy in London while you're in the UK.
  6. You can in Thailand too. But paying someone under 18 for sexual services is illegal in the UK, most of Europe and Thailand.
  7. The Sopranos Seinfeld Curb Your Enthusiasm The Office (UK) Fawlty Towers
  8. You can't get a UK birth certificate if the child was not born in the UK! The birth certificate is a record of the date of birth and needs to show where it took place. Just get the Thai birth certificate translated and it's fine for getting a UK passport. More importantly, you will need your long-form birth certificate to show that you are British Otherwise Than By Descent and can pass on your citizenship to a child born abroad.
  9. I understand about preexisting conditions. I haven't seen anything in the policy documents about a claim for a non-preexisting condition making further claims for the same condition void. If my 6-year-old son gets sick with flu and is hospitalised, are they really saying they won't pay up for future hospitalizations for flu?
  10. I'm quite shocked by this. My wife and kid are insured with Luma, and so far they've been great, apart from a substantial increase in premium now that my wife is 31. Is it 'official' that if a claim is made, any renewals will not cover a repeat of the condition? Sounds ridiculous to me.
  11. WRLife are worth a look. They guarantee not to increase your Premiums with age, as long as there are no claims.
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