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  1. Foreign resident could be open to interpretation but presumably it would include non-immigrant visas.
  2. The latest list of 46 countries from which fully vaccinated visitors are eligible for no quarantine specifies that they 'must reside in eligible countries for at least 21 consecutive days' . I was planning on flying back from Thailand to UK for a week at Christmas but this isn't going to work now. Even the sandbox might be unfeasible. They had the 21 day rule before, stating visitors must have been in the departure country for that long. Is the 21 day rule still in effect for the sandbox scheme?
  3. You seem to misunderstand the purpose of a forum being told or questions and discussions.
  4. This isn't my case. It's one I'm following. The guy was arrested in May on some pretty serious charges (kidnap, ransom, racketeering) and released on bail. He had a 60 day tourist visa initially and while the case was active, was granted 'permission to stay' Finally, despite the case being active and immigration records showing the arrest warrant, he managed to leave by air in August and return to the United States.
  5. Can someone get a 60-day tourist visa from inside Thailand even after they have been arrested and there's an active police case against them. E.g they are arrested on May 1 and have not appeared in court as the case is ongoing but need to renew their visa on May 15. The details of the initial arrest warrant lasting 20 years and for which they were granted bail still show on their immigration profile, can they still get the visa?
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