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  1. get the air the pro is overkill get more memory if you want to carry a lot of movies or games other than that 64gb is adequate enjoy!
  2. but how can this be?! the bars are closed.. the restaurants are dry.. and the girls are safely tucked up in issan.. it just does not compute
  3. kind of like when you get a medical cert in thailand for a drivers licence? doctor "how you feel?" patient "good" doctor "ok, pass, 200 baht please" no-one will care..
  4. the only thing clear from all this is that thailand is 100% not ready to reopen. if they were, and by that i mean their people are properly protected, there would be no need for anything more than a vaccine passport and a wai.
  5. hahaha wife told me today she and her friends are waiting until after the 19th to register for their vaccinations as pfizer and AZ will be on the menu
  6. can't blame these outbreaks on burmese or other foreigners they are in the prime tourist areas and just 2 weeks after bangkok started descending en masse to the town again.
  7. the newspaper that can't be named is curretly running a story where they are talking about "blue zones" being set up in pattaya, chiang mai (and the others?) for the first 7 days inbound tourists cannot leave and if (tested again?) covid free can travel freely outside with writtent permission from authorities. not sure how they intend to enforce but tracking apps come to mind. either way this fully open thailand is sounding a whole lot like another sandbox setup to me. meanwhile 10s thousands of locals will be "freely" moving in and out of these
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