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  1. Sounds like a boring holiday for people to come to Thailand when no bars, clubs etc open. Part of the holiday experience is relaxing, having a few drinks and enjoying the atmosphere. A huge demographic just won't come. Families, non-drinkers and others wishing for sight-seeing tours etc may come, which I suppose is a start. But I doubt many will. When will the government relax and open up the nightlife? We surely must be heading towards 70%+ vaccination targets soon?
  2. Because they are considered expendable and easily replaceable underclass cheap labour in this woefully degrading class tier wealth-poverty system. Their deaths are not uncommon and will not make news headlines. The wealthy elite can sit smug in their condos looking out at their views in ignorant bliss of those who may have perished. Rinse and repeat all over South East Asia and other third world countries.
  3. Thought provoking topic. Live within your means is always the general rule. Your thoughts on shifting to spending exuberance and generous 'bell ringing' will depend on your economic situation. Many of us on low-tiered strict budget income streams literally cannot afford to ring bells, buy show-off cars and bikes and eat at expensive restaurants. Wealthy expats can and live great lives here, make lots of friends as a result, get the prettiest gold digging women, and have the latest and greatest material items to display and gloat to others. Pattaya is full of 'show p
  4. I agree. 400,000 Baht is too low considering what the hospitals charge farangs. And yes, the 40,000 baht out-patient cover is just a cash-cow excuse to force us to have to take out a ridiculously insane two insurance policies, that overlap each other with the same cover. Agents, insurers and government a win-win there.
  5. Fair call. True. Add to the list. Plenty of scumbag farangs here with criminal pasts and ongoing criminality enjoying the fruits of their crimes here. Plenty have boasted to me in drunken rants how clever they were. I Don't feel sorry if scum are caught.
  6. I've ran into a few farang overstaying knuckleheads who just live with an attitude of dismissiveness and denial. Delaying the inevitable unless they can sort it out somehow. Digging deeper, I discover they are hopelessly lost, pathetic souls, desperately not wanting to face reality of going back to their homes. Add alcoholism and other substance abuses as well as some form of mental disorder and that generally fits the profile. Is quite sad actually as they would have to be always checking over their shoulder.
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