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  1. I don't agree with the legalizing casino argument. All it does is industrialize and condone gambling with the vast majority of money being funneled in being proceeds of illicit means. It will bring in a hell of a lot more dirty money and along with it criminal entities. No casino is squeaky clean. Even in Australia where I am from, revelations have been revealed of knowingly facilitating and encouraging large scale money launderers - in both casino groups. Thailand with a severe lacking of corruption control and does not have the ability to conduct proper law enforcement. So
  2. I read one opinion from a virologist/epidemiologist in relation to Omicron in that with regards to admittedly only early data, Omicron, although allegedly a lot more infectious, may have less severe symptoms. He said this could be a good thing if a highly virulent strain like this dominated, as it could rapidly spread and help cause COVID to naturally die off (words to that effect). So, from my layman understanding, a very infectious COVID strain with very mild symptoms that was allowed to spread could be the way to wipe this thing out.
  3. This is a great question. I am taking the risk by flying to Phuket from Bangkok for a break from Pattaya boredom sending me insane. My insurance won't cover forced quarantine based on another individual being positive and me being deemed a possible infection risk warranting isolation. It's a risk I am taking. If it all goes to s***, I could be up for I am guessing 20,000 to 40,000 Baht out of pocket as well as a ruined holiday and no refund either on hotel already booked. It would make a very expensive 'holiday' in a prison hotel room. It's likely a huge deterrent f
  4. I am a retiree in Thailand and was vaccinated with Pfizer. Very mild side effects on first jab. Nothing with second. But a week after 2nd jab I got infected with COVID. This is known as a 'breakthrough infection' as the vaccine did not prevent infection. I felt typical flu symptoms first. I went to hospital and they confirmed through a test I had COVID. Isolation for 14 days. I lost sense of taste and smell, suffered vertigo, delirious feeling, listlessness, extreme fatigue, headache. My lung capacity got pretty bad with dropping oxygen levels and I w
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