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  1. well that aint going to be any good if the withdrawel is 34 baht now is it!!!!!!!!
  2. Exactly the same happened to me, and the same amount taken multiple times, this week. It is a Terminal Machine transaction. I could not cancel my card on line, tried to call the bank to stop it, on hold for ages, then the automated call back later message! By the time I had gone to the bank (one that opened at 0830) and had to personally talk to Customer Services to cancel the card, they had taken nearly 13,000 baht. I have over 600k in the account If i had not spotted it, they would have emptied the account!!!!!!!! Why the bank did not spot this unusual activity
  3. go ahead and do it. BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE IDIOT!!!
  4. its very simple just dont make any plans to travel until things are actually sorted here, and are open again dont pay attention to speculative remarks about opening dates, and what will or will not open if there is a new strain, if there is a spike in numbers, for sure........lockdown again. just wait for opening up to happen, then plan if that is not until 2022 or 2023, then so be it.
  5. they clearly dont give a rats <deleted> about the bars and their owners and employees!
  6. it will go very well! most of these IO's are all bluff. Stand up to them and they invariably back down. Especially if you meet the criteria.
  7. that is terrible advice! the OP can complain to firstly, the O/C of his office. If no joy there, he can go to the head of Immigration in Bkk the contact number will be on display in his Immigration Office He does not have to pay this ridiculous fee.
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