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  1. I have been looking at filling in the T8 and Declaration form to enter the Phuket Sandbox. My concern is what happens if I complete these documents stating that I have had a sore throat , What is the impact ?. Been to the Doctor who said it was a virus infection, took 3 antigen tests for covid all negative and will have the fit to fly PCR test tomorrow Should I fill the form in honestly or be a little bit slow coming forward with the truth ?? it states 10 days prior , with the PCR test done 72 hours before flying , surely filling in the form completely honestly would have no
  2. For all those That have gone through the process - I was hoping somebody could confirm the following :- 1) The 72 hours is before flight departure and not landing at Phuket ? My issue is I would require the following 1 - 23rd before Midday - take PCR test which is dated 23rd Midday , to get results by the 24th 2) 25th travel to Heathrow (flight 12.00) 3) 26th Land in Phuket 06:00 If it was at Phuket landing - I would only have 6 hours to spare , before the 72 hours expires , which is cutting short if there are delays Thoug
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