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  1. Yes, it was a retirement visa that I had and it was cancelled. Bummer. It turned out to be a very costly mistake.
  2. Just got the below, further to above... from: https://www.thaiembassy.com/travel-to-thailand/how-to-travel-to-thailand-in-2021 Step 5 – Obtain COVID-19 test and prepare the documents for your flight Once you have received your COE, you have to prepare the following documents for your trip to Thailand. You should present these documents to your airline before departure: Certificate of Entry (COE) Valid visa in your passport Declaration Form Medical Certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID -19 is not detected. The COVID test must be by the RT-PCR
  3. 15 10 2021, Below it the note from Thai air travel requirements. I am going to France next week and back again on the 24th, this month. I have read that one must arrive at the AP with the results of a covid test in hand. I will be going to a quarantine hotel on my return and will be tested at the AP (?) before the shuttle takes me to the hotel. I know it says London embassy, below, but it states no test is req'd for entry generally. 'Please note that although a Covid-19 test is currently not required, the Royal Thai Embassy in London recommends that passengers test for COVID-1
  4. The car is definitely new and there is not evidence of a refurbished car that had just been damaged and cleaned up. As Transam noted the car body is dipped and there may be other rust issues covered up by other body parts, trim etc..
  5. Yes but, if you leave w/o a re entry document they stamp your visa 'used' as in cancelled. Then have to apply for new one. Learned the hard way.
  6. For a start go to your immigration office and get a permit to leave and come back, otherwise your existing visa will be cancelled, if it is anything like a retirement visa. The whole issue of COE and quarantine, insurance etc. changes hourly and nobody seems to know what is happening and/or will be happening. look on 'coethailand.mfa.go.th' for current instructions. These will change 01 11 2021. The Thai produced Astra Zeneca is accepted in France and perhaps all of the EU. Good Luck,
  7. 15 10 2021 My friend bought a new honda from the main dealer in Buriram. After the first month he noticed a tiny orange spot under the rear window rubber seal. He washed it and forgot it. It became a typical rust spot, under the rubber-no scratches etc.- weeping an orange drip line down the back door. He showed it to the dealer who said it was not part of warrantee and he must claim on his insurance. The car is only a few months old. I wrote earlier about his battery experience. He was told his battery was faulty and had to be replaced. He was unhappy but paid.
  8. Great idea. Have done this b4 but the pressure of coordinating air tickets, insurance, hotel, reentry visa, vaccinations, int'l proof of same not to mention the legal issues that are my reason for going to France and the covid compliant entry to that country have left me a quivering mass of exposed nerve endings. Thanks for the great reminder. Take care.
  9. Thanks. Yes, tried that. Bob told me b4. They would not issue the orange vaccination visa thing because my first 2 shots were in Ban Mai Chaiyapot and the 3rd in the Buriram Govt hospital. I had to go to the Regional Health Authority in town because they have records of all vaccinations in the province. It was they who said they were blocked from accessing the edit function. Sometimes the local people are switched on and sometimes not, just like everywhere.
  10. Thanks, I was coming around to that way of thinking myself. I spent hours searching for my car there last time and thought it had been stolen. I had taken a photo of it beside the column with an orange circle painted on it with 'B1' (or something) written in the middle. I finally figured out that its sister building next door has exactly the same location numbers and colours. A friend suggested marking the location on google map but have never tried it. Thanks again.
  11. 13 10 2021 First, thank you very much for comments and useful information helping me to get to France and back home here in Thailand. I have now had 1 Sinovac and 2 Astra Zenica vaccinations and have the little orange certificate of vaccination 'passport'. I also have the Mor Chana app on my phone. Here is the rub. My Thai pink card number is on it but not my UK passport number. My first 2 vaccinations were in our small village and the 3rd (AZ) was in Buriram Govt hospital. They have tried to add my passport number at the Buriram hospital and at the Regional Health
  12. I need to go to France for 1 week and quarantine for 1. I go on the 18th oct. I have googled the title and get little actual information. The parking location map on one site is simply a map with temples and other things marked on it. Not a 'P' anywhere. Any comments including just leaving it at the AP multi story carpark please? Thanks. I think the hotel picks me up and drops me off from and to the AP.
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