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  1. That will always be the case. As long as the B.I.B. are making some sort of revenue, as in under the table cash payments, they will continue to turn a blind eye to said establishments. Those not complying with their financial requests will be severely punished ! T.I.T.
  2. I am not sure the many, many citizens struggling financially due to Covid will agree ! Pathetic.
  3. Anutin Visits Far South to Solve COVID So now he can add "magician" to his already impressive (not !) C.V. !
  4. Photocopies make tremendous revenue at immigration, some charging 5 baht a copy ! I can't see that being stopped in a hurry.
  5. "Will consider" isn't good enough to get people to commit to come here. Not many are going to book to fly long haul, if they are unsure as to whether you have lifted your Draconian measures or not.
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