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  1. good to see a death number below 150. we had a couple 300+ days a few weeks ago. the 7 day daily average topped out a bit above 250 and stayed there for almost two weeks. but now we've had several sub 200 numbers and a few sub 150's. the 7 day avg is about 170 now. hope the declines keep coming our way and we get a chance to open things up and see what comes next !!
  2. agreed. i was higher end and the food was great. choice of thai, western, indian, japanese, and 'dietary'. plus within each of those groups was a vegetarian option. i'm a meat eater but i did opt for a veg plate a couple times. so that is 10 choices. as an example one dietary selection was a grilled chicken breast with broccoli. a western i got was meatballs with marinara sauce with broccoli and cauliflower. i skipped the indian but alot of the positive reviews on tripadvisor were about the indian food (hotel has an indian food restaurant). the other thing was the generally large port
  3. that is how i felt, no matter what answer i got, it could change over night. my hotel here in buriram was adamant that i had to show my bkk ASQ papers. i made it clear that i'd done that in july and they had no relevance to this trip. but three different people on the phone confirmed these papers were requried. when i checked in, no one asked for these papers. and as i noted early in this thread, nok air was difficult to reach over the phone. i can't wait on hold more than 15 minutes or so. plus, i can't count on what they tell me anyway !! i did go through a police checkpoint on the w
  4. i returned from USA in july of this year. i had the option of the sandbox but chose bangkok ASQ. i figured not much would be open in phuket and i wasn't really planning to sit on the beach. so i would have spent most of the time at my hotel/resort. i'd rather be in ASQ for a day than spend a day traveling HKT-BKK. so that negated one day of my ASQ in bkk. i also didn't really want to fly via europe or middle east, i was on the west coast of USA. i think that is how one had to fly to get to HKT. i figured those airlines would be fairly full of people, taking people from USA east coast,
  5. my extension expired on may 31, 2021 and i returned in july this year. i went for the visa exempt option, mainly to avoid having to mail my passport to the consulate in Los Angeles for a Non O. i already had the funds in the thai bank. after quarantine was over, i went to CW immigration in BKK and did the 'change visa' process to get the Non O. i go back for the one year extension next month.
  6. i took a car, rather than deal with the flight situation. it is too difficult to get info at this point. i went bkk to buriram so only 5 hrs, not too bad. it was nice to be out on the road after being confined to my room or immediate vicinity of such for most of the last the last 18 months. there was a plexigas separator btwn the driver area and back seat of the SUV that i rode in. that was a nice touch. i'd like to fly back to bkk and i'm going to give it a shot. we'll see what happens. leaving in 5 days.
  7. looking at reported cases can be a bit misleading and not show the true 'curve'. no country is able to report an accurate number of their cases each day, month, etc... deaths is a more accurate measure, while those can be hidden, still more accurate than trying to chart cases. the death charts for india and indonesia both look alot like thailand although thailand has only just turned down. i'm sure people will say india hid their deaths and that may be true but it just means the bell type curve went up higher, still came crashing down after a fairly short period. these things tend to last
  8. OP - i understand the frustration with the airlines. i've tried to call nok air to get information and they don't pick up the phone. i wait on hold for 15-20 minutes, that is all i can handle and hang up (twice a day, every day for a week). i also sent two emails and no response. as one poster noted, it might be best to go to the airport. that is what i'm thinking of doing. good luck to you on your efforts.
  9. i submitted my COE items to the consulate in Los Angeles and it took 11 business days. i submitted the items about a month before my travel would commence. i assume they give priority to applications that require (or request) a quicker turnaround but only a guess on that. this was mid june 2021.
  10. we've seen several days of less than 200 deaths over the last week, that is encouraging. still have alot more deaths to go as the curve comes down. and of course we could see another wave but hopefully the vaccines will help if/when the next one hits. as it stands now, thailand sits 91st out of 155 countries in terms of deaths per capita. expressed as death per million residents, thailand is at roughly 200. if the death count doubles from here and the country gets to 400 (when this is generally over), they'll manage to be in the back half of the 155 countries. hope we've seen the worst
  11. it is a nearly useless number but alot of members on this forum live by it. we have no way of knowing how many infections are out there. you can run massive testing programs and still not really know (unless you do it the china way). testing helps when the virus first hits but once it is widespread, it isn't that critical.
  12. that relatively low death number looks good. but we know the monday figures are usually lower than the rest of the week. let's hope we can see deaths under 200 several days this week. of course there will be an increase in cases due to the relaxation of the lockdown restrictions. but maybe the death numbers will remain below a 7 day average daily number of 250. that would be a good sign. alot of people have been vaccinated over the last few weeks and while that doesn't help much on case counts it can help alot on the death numbers. if all we had was cases, this would be a 'n
  13. i think the issue is bangkok to surin/buriram rather than surin to buriram or vice versa. that's only a guess, no personal experience. i'm planning to travel bangkok to buriram soon and still not sure if i'm going to fly both ways or pay a car service to drive me to buriram and fly back. a friend in buriram came from lopburi to buriram two weeks ago and was told to isolate at home by the boss of the moo baan (plus take a test) but it isn't a strict isolation. more of an honor system thing.
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