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  1. From the information given in the headline, it can’t be concluded that vaccines are not or less effective. The headline is only talking about infections. It should be expected that the more people get vaccinated: 1. Absolute number of Hospitalizations and deaths should go down; 2. The percentage/share of unvaccinated people being hospitalized or dying should temporally go down, until… 3. The percentage/share of unvaccinated people being hospitalized or dying should eventually go up again; and 4. The percentage/share of unvaccinated people being
  2. The policy also includes that positive results have to be confirmed by a PCR test though until which they shall be included als “probable infection”. What I find more concerning isn’t even this but to switch from PCR to rapid antigen tests for the proactive case finding. From what I know, these rapid tests have a high specificity but a low sensitivity, so confirming positive tests with a PCR tests is less of a concern — it’s go get a positive result in the first place.
  3. Did you read the article? It clearly says “fake news”, none of the above.
  4. Since you didn’t engage with any of my reply, I guess that must be you who didn’t read or didn’t pay attention.
  5. That’s not a lie but the goal. Who exactly gave you that guarantee? No one gave it to me. Covid is a pandemic, not and endemic. And if the above is true, it was said before Covid, so it can hardly be a lie about Covid. It is. Are you a bit paranoid by any chance?
  6. Not sure who lied to you or why you would feel like that. “90% accurate” should be differentiated into specificity and sensitivity. AFAIK most of these rapid antibody/antigen tests have a very high specificity but a quite low sensitivity, so I wouldn’t use them for widespread testing and they cannot replace PCR tests which have a high specificity and sensitivity.
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