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  1. There could be many reasons for his insecurity, noe only one. People are people and a product of the cultyre, parents, neighboorhood, teachers, friends (bullies), and other family. And also their mental state and social IQ.
  2. Most of all, your friend is educated by someone he respect! Thats maybe the most important factor to change bad behavior. A person you respect tell you straight what he or she thinks of you and how you behave.
  3. I have friends I used to hang out with in my twenties, travel, party, and all that kind of things, now 30 years later they come, and visit me In Thailand. I can barely stay with them after 7 in the night. I feel they are at the same spot where I left them in my twenties, and I have moved along. So late lunch early dinner and off back home before it gets to ugly When see them back home in their sphere, they behave, are polite, talk good and it is possible to have some good interesting talks, but at once coming down here, they go nuts.
  4. One reasonable explanation for his anger could be he have been abused earlier in his life. You never know! Still not an excuse to be an complete idiot against people he do not know.
  5. So sad, 76 years old and still not out of the closet and carry his anger to his death bed. God save him
  6. Being a fisherman who have vacumpacked cod fresh, who know with correct storing, the fish willlook the same even after a yer, and not even close to the picture shown above. Even after two years, You will see nice fine structure in the fish, and the pic above shows damage to the cells by injecting salt water i guess and hope it is, and then frozen. Something used for decades when it comes to north pacific cod. But I would not try to guess what kind of piece he shows above, and I would not eat it. I do not eat fish at all in Thailand except on fresh markeds on the harbours. Once and awhile bying
  7. Looks like some kind of liquid injected fish, but not sure. Did it taste like chicken?
  8. I have met expats who still paragliding, go to gym, riding motorbikes, diving and skydiving past their 70íes, and still got the child in them, but common for all of them, they are careful with their diets and what they drink, and how much they drink. I have also met those who already have given up in their early 50íes or 60íes, and most of them is not so careful with their diets, nicotin or how much they drink. What also seperates them, the first group very rare stays up late at night and wake up early, and still find life amazing and fun. The second group like to stay up as long as possible a
  9. Structure and dicipline the older you get concerning what you eat, drink and quality sleep. Monday - Friday unless we are travelling Oat pudding with banana or some other fruit, brasil nuts, cashew nuts and almond 3-4 of each. No added sugar saturday and sunday Homemdade egg and bacon, bread fresh from oven and tomato beans one bottle of water and one to two cups of freshs grinded coffe made in espresso stovetop or if travelling using my aeropress. I always believed breakfest is the most important meal in a day, even they trying to com
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