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  1. There's been a lot of talk about this for a while now, we are wondering what the chassis will be, it can't be the same as ADV150, so would it be more like ADV750 or the Forza...!? I think that would make a big difference ultimately as what kind of bike it will be, handling and seating position, off road capability etc. etc. , need to wait for test drives reports, not what they put on paper... I think it's an exciting entry for Honda, it brings a new (affordable) option to the range, ADV150 is just not up to it with power for us big farang, and although ADV750 is an amaz
  2. At The Rock bar try The Rock Burger special, I thought at 200b it was a very well done burger with many extra toppings and fries... , a couple of months ago when I had it...
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