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  1. Can anyone recommend either a private individual or translation service in Pattaya /Jomtien to translate the Rules and Regs for my Condominium ?
  2. have a look on Baht Sold for an expat car with service history . Personally ,I wouldn't touch anything without service history as there is no regulation on what goes on selling 2nd hand cars - clocking / repairing accident or write offs !! It's only after buying and you get to re-register at DLT you may find the numbers don't match ! If you buy a Toyota privately ,with service history and agree a price subject to inspection, then any reputable seller should have no objection to you requesting and paying for the nearest Toyota to give it the once over ! Also City cars like Bangkok tend to
  3. they go to auction ! Bangkok . The dealers buy them and then resell at much higher prices . If you know what you want and see it advertised or find it at the auction rooms ( you can test drive but have to pay a deposit before bidding) and you have a good Thai friend to do the bidding ,then you can get a bargain because dealers won't go above a trade value .
  4. This states "money transfer companies " , it does not say anything about bank transfers !
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