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  1. You apply for extension at same office you obtained the Non-O
  2. You would be entering visa exempt. 30 day permission of stay. You can obtain a 30 day extension. Cost 1900baht. So 60 days in total..
  3. That's good advice and most would do that. My post above was checking that the OP was aware of marriage requirements being far more simple ...,. ...you gave a sad emoji. I don't follow. For marriage he could have 400k in bank for 2 months + under consideration period then use it. True that given paperwork some married folk choose to opt for retirement option. Not a lot sad about me pointing it out to op.
  4. I notice that you mention wife. Clearly not Thai lady? As you would be aware the financials for extensions based on marriage much more easy than retirement.
  5. Yes, last drinks (purchases) at 2pm. Don't know if this was throughout Rayong but certainly the 7/11,s in the pier areas to Koh Samet. Ridiculous. We stayed coke cola beach. Never stayed mainland Rayong but was nice. Always at Koh Samet for good reason as per pic.
  6. Extension from day current permit expires. Not day you apply. You need to obtain the extension at office where your living
  7. Yes can be either, deposit or withdrawal. Slightly different to just update. Yes the deposit/withdrawal does update but in addition some offices actually want to see "activity on the day of application".
  8. Your 100% correct. Everyone should become familiar with what cute little items various immigration offices require. I was more pointing it out so others don't get spooked by not having made small deposit monthly. I even think there is an office that still maintains the 800k three months prior to application. Funny really. Good luck with the happy event.
  9. Money in bank requirements (retirement) for extensions are clear. 800k two months prior to day you apply for extension. Then also 800k for next three. Then can go down to 400k and back up to 800k for two months prior to following extension. Small deposit on day of application is standard. Not standard to be required each month.
  10. Also scary is swift switch in what's coming from organizations such as WHO. Reading media such as BBC, Guardian etc there is a quickly shifting landscape and that is clear.
  11. I recall clearly being at airport Saigon 16/03/2020. The flights that day were abruptly to Singapore. I was thinking at the time..."what's all the fuss, this will blow over in few weeks". In actual fact upon return I booked two trips to Osaka for later that year. What an idiot. As a result I was often quick to bat for folk that got stuck out or in. Posts at the time from some along the lines...." Couldn't you see it coming. You were stupid not to travel quickly". I never accepted that as I could easily have been stuck. This time we sho
  12. Showing my age perhaps however the TM7 (and any forms) are downloadable from net. It takes couple of minutes to fill it in. Note: if you download TM7 form it must be printed as double sided. The form has front and back page. That's how it must be printed out. One sheet.
  13. More an observation then anything else..... I don't read all that much world news however things seem to be changing quickly with some countries rules changing. Perhaps my joint Oz is not good example as we have state gov and federal level that both can change restrictions on entry and some states have already done that. Israel already closed? Think Japan has?. I spend most of time when reading AseanNow in the visa forum. Very surprised that there is complete focus on things such as Thailand Pass etc and very little on possible change to travel restrictions. I
  14. They are on tinder, thaifriendly, and many other social sites. Why would you look for company in a bar. That's ancient.
  15. Thank goodness they forced all the small open air bars to close. Given it includes the word alcohol might have been risky. Mind you on the beach it was all systems go, go, go. Pic Sat night. If you zoom in centre of pic you will see tall farang and Thai daughter both masked up. Oh those dirty farang.
  16. In Rayong no alcohol was being sold from 7/11 after 2pm. Again ridiculous.
  17. @PoorSucker Didn't you enter Phuket sandbox with 14 day insurance and receive 90 day POS from your non-B. I'm vague on it now.
  18. Don't follow even one bit of that. I have lovely happy time on beach and also the small open air bars. The ones between Soi 8-9 on beach road all beers 65 baht. (When they weren't closed). Hardly sheep stations.
  19. We took out own ice!. Just for fun have a zoom of the pic I posted. In centre standing up is tall farang with young Thai daughter....both with masks on. The vast number of others (Thai) no masks. Perhaps Mr A might think about the dirty "farang" comment.
  20. Find me some of those many examples on AseanNow to support what your saying. There have been reports to the opposite. BTW, I haven't even read about the process at immigration on arrival. Meaning process where the io (passport control) actually looks for duration of insurance. Not saying it doesn't happen. At the moment it's a he said he said series of posts. I am hoping folk can post recent personal experience. However the following comment was very impressive. "Stated with 100% confidence after a year advising on the 3 main Facebook help groups"
  21. Agents cannot help you with residence certificate. You can do 90 report and residence certificate at same time at Mueang Thong Thani. 200baht RC. Takes between one and 2 weeks. They post it.
  22. I agree with that, however my recent trip was the opposite. Few nights Rayong beach areas. Next 9 at Koh Samet and finally 3 night Pattaya for fireworks festival. My vaccination status and any test etc was not done anywhere. Even getting onto island.. Nothing. I didn't even sign in at ferry Koh Samet.. Zero at the other resorts.
  23. It's a joke. I was also fireworks Pattaya last year. The bars weren't packed (open at that time).. Here is pic Saturday night. This scene across the road from the closed bars. Ridiculous.
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