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  1. 'Their absence indicates the overall poor health of the natural environment in Thailand - something the authorities seem completely indifferent to' Not sure I agree with this as when I go hiking it seems quite lush with plenty of wild animals.
  2. Seriously, how can we not think that it is already here and growing. The system as it is has so many variables to positive passengers to fall through the net. Thailand had to make a sacrifice and I am sure they know that a PCR 72hrs before travel and a PCR immediately when you arrive is not full proof. Pretty sure it is here and is spreading since mid November probably. The positive thing is there hasn't been a single death yet directly linked to the Omicron and therefore we can assume that our new friend has opted to be become more infectious and left severe. As someone quite righ
  3. As long as their natural food resources are plentiful, there should be no problem.
  4. + to the thread in general, I hike along the border with Myanmar; from Phetchaburi prov to Tak prov and trust me, there are thousands of trails and it is a very difficult place to patrol. https://www.goexplorethailand.com/post/solitude-leeches This is in Ratchaburi prov and the place is littered with old trails.
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