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  1. Yes... I would like to see a chart of numbers free of Covid too!
  2. Olmate

    Beef Bones

    Ask the butcher at BigCX.Very helpful.
  3. He should ask Lady Pie, Phuket ozzie piemakers. Up his alley!
  4. Ok.certainly not myexperience. 4 gf kids familywere treated like leppers by friends and locals and are months later still avoided.
  5. Have you any evidence or experience with self/ home isolation folk and their visitors,friends etc? Think visitors would stay well shy of them.
  6. Trust your Googlemap.Its not in SouthPattaya.
  7. From the "not enough testing" lobby seems a bit off! One night awaiting a test result is hardly quarantine.
  8. But a very sensible approach, wouldn’t you think.?
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