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  1. I also watched the Al Jazz report later this evening, looks like it's curtains for Evergrande. I think the CCP will let this happen to curtail the ridiculous property speculation which is fueling the massive wealth disparity in China (you thought US was bad!). Problem is, the CCP now has to deal with the banking debt problem, so let's see how that pans out. A lot of people foresee a huge monetary shock throughout the global financial system - I tend to agree - but this isn't news and the markets seem to have been gearing up for a massive reset. As an investor, I'm getti
  2. You could take a look at Trinx, I got a X1 and it's the mutt's nuts. Magnesium alloy frame and Shimano Altus hardware, I paid about THB9k in 2018. http://www.trinx.com/index.php?ac=article&at=read&did=2046 I'm fairly sure they have distributors across TH but I got mine from a shop opposite the Bang Saray turn-off on the Pattaya - Sattahip road.
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