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  1. Yes, I entered Thailand 15 years ago on an O-A visa.
  2. Ouch. Was the non-enrollment inadvertant or a strategy? Uh-oh. You got me started. It was a strategy that was based on the hope that Thailand Immigration rules would remain fair and static. I moved to Thailand 15 years ago knowing I was covered by my unlimited global health coverage (with deductible and out-of-pocket expenditures) provided by my pension arrangement. So, for most of that time I didn't want or need Medicare Part B. Then came stricter rules from Thailand Immigration; for example, I currently have to report to my local office 7 times every year (1--extension of
  3. https://www.medicareinteractive.org/get-answers/medicare-health-coverage-options/original-medicare-enrollment/medicare-part-b-late-enrollment-penalties Read the paragraph -- How do you calculate your premium penalty? Plus, I speak from the experience of paying 60% late penalties for the past 30 months.
  4. I would not characterize it as paying penalties on the penalties. That's not how it works. Each year, the government announces the standard premium for the year. If one has incurred no penalty, then one's annual payment is 100% of the standard premium. If one has incurred a 10% penalty, then one's annual payment is 110% of the standard premium. While a penalty due to late enrollment is applied year after year as long as one is enrolled in Part B, penalties do not compound upon each other from one year to the next.
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