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  1. The CEO World rankings look skewed. WHO ranks Thailand as 64. https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/best-healthcare-in-the-world
  2. Hadn't heard of that possibility, but will look into to.
  3. Dr. Narongsak seems very experienced. However, so far no luck in getting a complete quote from St. Louis. The surgery dept quoted their services on the back of a business card. No detail on what it covers. The nurse mentioned there would be other charges like pre-op testing, drugs, probably an anesthetist unless he's included in the surgery quote, etc., but no detail and no total. Called to request a complete quotation and then... crickets.
  4. We get to keep most of the SS COLA increase. https://www.medicareplanning.com/medicare-part-b-costs-2022/
  5. And since inflation in Thailand for the twelve months ending Sept. 30 was 1.68% while the dollar strengthened against the baht, we come out ahead this time. https://tradingeconomics.com/thailand/inflation-cpi
  6. Where would be the best hospital to get surgery to repair an inguinal hernia? If suitable, laparoscopy would be preferable. Would such surgery be well within the capability of all the major hospitals? Our default hospital is St. Louis. Especially interested in Sheryl's opinion.
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