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  1. I've got T8 all completed, ready to submit with the other docs to apply for the 'Thailand Pass'. Yes It's self-complete questionnaire, signed by the traveler. It provides flight details (date/time of arrival, Flight number, seat number), and there's basic questions about heath.
  2. On another site it was mentioned that the PM had raised/insisted on arrivals having a Fit to Fly certificate.
  3. There's also the point that plenty of travelers arrive at Suvarnabhumi and plan to take a further domestic flight to their final destination. So under anutin's plan they have to go 'somewhere' (no details given) to take a swab test, then go to 'somewhere' to stay 1 night until they get their negative test report. The time they get their negative report could be within say a few hours or perhaps up to say 12 hours. So they can't yet make a booking for their final domestic flight. And perhaps they arrive at Suvarnabhumi with no local SIM card for their mobile phone? A
  4. The info just released seems to indicate arrivals can stay anywhere for the one night as long as the arrivals provide a means of contacting them.
  5. So, will arrivals be able to select their 1 night hotel or will it be mandated by the authorities? Also, If passenger can select will the list be the same ASQ hotel list already existing?
  6. My post just above is wrong. Travelers have to complete and submit the existing T8 questionnaire, which seems to be labelled as a 'health questionnaire' and in fact T8 does ask questions such as: - List the countries where you have stayed within 2 weeks of arrival date - Please mark X if you have had any of the following symptoms within the last 2 weeks: diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, headache, sore throat, rash, jaundice, cough or shortness of breath, enlarged lymph glands or tender lumps, others. NOW BACK TO MY ERROR: on T8 potential tra
  7. Thanks again for the update, much appreciated. I can't find anywhere (within the documents the traveler must upload) any mention of: - Airline name - Flight number - Flight departure/arrival time. This leads me to think that an 'approval' is good for a number of days. (could be wrong of course, especially since the traveler must provide proof of their hotel booking which does show specific dates.) Further info/clarity on this aspect will be appreciated by all, I'm sure. Thanks again.
  8. I don't have the knowledge to discuss the type of test but this service has been operating for about 14 months and seems to be accepted. In fact to be very sure about no bumps at check-in on the day of travel I asked Singapore Airlines Sydney office if they accepted the report issued by this lab (as part of the check-in process) and they replied yes. I'm not sure if I can post the name of the lab but let's try: Histopath (well established company/lab service, well accredited, many branches across Sydney for many pathology needs). Further, Singapore Airlines
  9. I'm not sure what your question is. From my understanding the Australian item I attached is for online use. I didn't mention that when the QR code is scanned at check-in or by passport officers at arrival point the personal photo of the passport holder also comes up on screen for the officer to compare to the actual arriving person at the passport desk and instant facial recognition scanning of the arrival person is compared to the passport records photo to check there's a match/no match. It also mentioned that a coming soon further development will include
  10. Being released Wednesday 20 October in Australia: Airlines and other authorized agencies can scan the QR code and get full details of the personal: vaccination records and passport number, name as shown in passport records, date of birth, gender.
  11. Regarding test at departing airport, there's a professional walk-in accredited lab set up on the departures level inside Sydney airport, 5 minutes or less walk to the departure rows. Cannot book test, just walk-in. Opens at 6:00 am, swab taken within 5 minutes, report guaranteed within 60 minutes. Passenger can select to receive the report by SMS/e.mail/phone/printed hard copy at the lab. Lab also negotiating to send report direct to the departure airline if passenger requests. Cost AUD$100- can be paid by credit/debit/cash.
  12. You seem to be pretty familiar with the Thailand pass, good news! On the schematic that's appeared several times I can't see where the applicant submits flight details (arrival date/time/airline/flight no.). Does this perhaps mean that the 'Thailand pass' is good for a period of time, perhaps 30, 60 days? Would you please share your thoughts on this. on the other hand of course maybe it's still too early for all the details/answers.
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