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  1. Just found this: "The 1-night package of Test & Go program should cover accommodation for 1 night, transportation from the airport to the hotel, the required RT-PCR COVID-19 test, and an Antigen Test Kit (ATK)." Just wondering when/how/who is expected to administer the Antigen Test Kit (ATK)? And does someone have to report the result to the authorities? Please share your understanding, thanks.
  2. Why would he be classified as a refugee? Was his life under threat or was he continuously threatened with severe violence? Did he have no resources, no income, no support mechanism?
  3. "He has been granted refugee status in the United States." I wonder on what specific grounds?
  4. Billies Restaurant behind the night market, Thai and Italian, great food, good selection of wines, plenty of English. Highly recommended. Very reasonable prices.
  5. Foreigners who hold a 'Thai Certificate of Residence' (commonly called 'Permanent Resident' or 'PR') are well aware of the status that they hold. - There are foreigners who have been granted Thai citizenship and therefore a Thai passport. And this includes some foreigners who were approved for a 'Thai Certificate of Residence, then applied for and got full Thai citizenship/Thai passport . - See below for the details... - Foreigners who are in Thailand on various visas / visa extensions, different total periods of time and which require regular renewal, with
  6. QUOTE: "... 'Very reliable' is not fully reliable though. Could you imagine a family of four taking the risk of all being banged up for 14 days for their yearly holiday...." The swab test is also not 100% accurate/foolproof. Right now there's a nasty, dangerous, very fast spreading global epidemic. If any country finds locals or travelers who are positive they will react; isolate, hospital, treat etc., can't expect anything else. If anybody decides to travel there's risk and cost. Up 2 U.
  7. Actually the government has been 'playing with words', they have been saying: - 'No more quarantine, just stay 1 night for the test on arrival result'. (And it seems quite clear the swab test will be taken on arrival at the hotel which has been pre-booked and paid by the traveler*, NOT at the airport on arrival.) * Proof of hotel booking and proof of payment for the hotel must be submitted to get the 'Thailand Pass'. They have also been saying: - 'Test and go', with means exactly the same as just above including the 1 night set-up. The approved 1
  8. To apply for the 'Thailand Pass'; 7 and 9 days ahead has appeared on some reports. But official final announcements on this not yet appeared. MOFA has said it will take 2 to 3 days to process (mostly by AI applications) and reply to applicant. We wait and see.
  9. Point taken, since that post more hotels have now appeared on the 1 day hotel list, many with package rates down around 3,900, one at 2,900Baht (but still an unpleasant imposition on travelers). I'm guessing many hotels will want to be on this list; their strategy might well be that this situation will attract big tourist numbers who all need a 1 night hotel booking. Every 1 booking counts in terms of their revenues.
  10. Another angle; does the India association guy want Thailand to abandon it's attempts to control Covid spread because India is special, rules/realities should be ignored for India and India should be able to do as it pleases including threatening other countries. Heaven forbid the rich Indians not being allowed to do whatever they please, rules be damned, don't apply to rich Indians.
  11. Also, easy to fix, just change the test on arrival to one of the very reliable accurate fast response (15 - 20 minutes) tests and add the cost into the ticket price. Done.
  12. https://thaiest.com/blog/aq-hotel-1-night-packages?fbclid=IwAR3UXEcNfw_fo9999Sz-aKRC53gZQlweVTb6hXxOiwNTGPl9N5twhHTiahU
  13. You mentioned '...I plan on doing mine at the Randox drive-thru...'. I don't know about other countries however for foreigners travelling from Australia to Thailand the required test is labelled as 'PCR test for International Travel'. In Australia the 'PCR test for International Travel' test can't be taken at a local temporary / similar test centre where folks go to check if they might be positive because they feel they have symptoms of Covid- 19, but not connected to international travel. Further, unless the report has all the markings/type of paper requir
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