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  1. Would never risk using one between Karon and Patong or vice-verca. May get asked to push the darned thing to a mains socket.
  2. Can't do anythying without appropiate instruction and/or orders from the force commanders. Doing what's true to your heart can so easily be construed as 'insurrection'.
  3. Yes, they would lay off the vehicle to an independant (as stated earlier) which gives you/the dealer a starting point for negotiation. Any further compromise would be defined by the value of your new purchase and their need to meet sales targets.
  4. Don't know what, if any communications have been made regarding sale of the property. If none then make representations to the effect that you're interested in purchasing property in that area. The folks that contact you are potential agents for your cause. 160 Tarang Wah isn't a particularly large plot and the locals can all be aware of what you originally paid.
  5. If you have 10 million available to spend, the vendor will bend to your circumstance. Just show them a singular line of a Thai bank statement which validates your ability to pay. Properties are 10 for a penny at the moment. Can't blame any-one desiring a deposit if the funds weren't in Thailand already. Funds are determined by the sum of transfers into Thailand at a particular time. If you didn't have the funds available and wouldn't trust a vendor with a deposit, why would you trust them at all? Concurrently, why would you expect them to trust y
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