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  1. Not a fan of our local B-quick. Their comments don't tend to be an accurate reflection of the actual diagnostic results. They prey on a potential customers 'lack of knowledge'. Had similar experiences with 'main dealers' also.
  2. Exactly ! Have seen handbooks for used vehicles still encased in cellophane Internet and likes rules.
  3. In a country the size of France. And given the number of 'brown outs', what's going to happen if the number of EV's needing recharge increases? Hopefully there'll be stronger winds and more sunshine during the nigjt.
  4. Don't know if the allegations are true or not. If they are, I'll be very disappointed, with a person I have held in high regard. And yes, I've met the guy. Initially during 'corporate' on R12. And on occason, in later years. Always struck me (and proved to be) a guy that could be depended on, in tough stuations. Some-one you would prefer to be 'the man next to you'. Innocent until proven guilty.
  5. Time is dependent upon the flow rate of the pump in relation to the volume of the pool.
  6. Why would any-one choose to "swim" in a pool in which unknown asses (of any description) have done the same, when you can afford your own?
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