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  1. Good find...so nothing to do with Thailand. On the other hand, more disgusting then we even knew.
  2. Thanks. I now understand the garage movable gate would be considered as part of 'the building' in terms of the boundary.
  3. 1) I will be building a house on Samui next year and I have a perimeter wall around the property (set about 250mm inside property line). The property has a small government unpaved road on two sides that leads to three other houses, no sidewalks. I was originally planning to have a garage gate, (or roll up door) positioned between the opening in the perimeter wall but was told that any such garage door would need to be set back 2M from the road (despite the wall being only 250mm from the road. Although I'm told this would unlikely be enforced I want to be in compliance if indeed the garage doo
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