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  1. Sadly I do not believe for one minute that their votes are even counted, and the General is not giving up the power he seized seven years ago anytime soon.
  2. With the UK infections at over 52,000 a day there is no way that Thailand should allow visitors, should be on the Dark Red List for now. Much as I would really like to see my friends who usually come here for the winter months the risks are too high now.
  3. Yesterday the lovely doctor who first diagnosed my diabetes a few years ago told me at my quarterly review appointment that I could stop taking the Glipizide now. So I am on Metformin 500mgs twice daily now. When I was first diagnosed my blood sugar was over 600 (safe level 90 - 130) and I had to go on Insulin for the first three months. I have lost a lot of weight, down from 97 kilos to 79 kilos now. The doctor indicated that there is some research to show it may be possible to actually recover completely, but I would need to lose a lot more weight rapidly. She talked about Intermittent Fasti
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