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  1. By the way, I'm not saying "Bangkok will be flooded by 2100." Something will be done, whether it's something like a 100km dam (and there will be many technological advancements up to 2100). However, not all coastal cities around the world will be able to do this (whether because it's not physically possible, or lack of funds for poorer places).
  2. The Bangkok Post itself: <removed> Dr. Chanita Duanggyiwa from Chulalongkorn University: https://www.chinawaterrisk.org/interviews/the-present-future-flood-risks-in-bangkok/
  3. "In the sense" or "numbers"... but still not science. It's not every coastal city obviously. It is the ones that are below sea level that will be flooded if the sea levels increase even more. Maybe in 40 years, maybe in 100 years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_places_on_land_with_elevations_below_sea_level Source: NASA
  4. When "a real pandemic" is based on being compared to the movies "'I Am Legend' or 'World War Z'"—or the criteria being "rotting corpses" and "bulldozers"—it's a sign the discussion is not a serious one, and also time for me to leave the discussion.
  5. "World population" is important, but there are other things mainly: irreversible destruction of ecosystems, flooding of coastal cities (Bangkok being one of these), displacement of populations, pandemics caused by unhygienic conditions, unlivable conditions of heat/cold (resulting in further displacement of populations), etc. etc.
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