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  1. I totally agree No matter where you make your booking, make sure the Hotel confirm its approved for this new “Test & Go” Measure twice, cut once
  2. I’ve completed 2 ASQ, (one was Pattaya) and can confirm transportation from BKK is included, and you MUST use the Hotel transport you CANNOT use any other, the cost of transportation will be included in your TOTAL Cost of Stay I guess the 1 PCR will be added also
  3. If I remember correctly your Day 1 starts 00:01-18:00 If you arrive at 18:01 or later it will be classed as Day 0, so you may have to book 2 nights Here are some pictures taken from same discussion when changes were made in April. I was lucky and managed to check out earlier and I got refunded the amount (days) not used Here is my email to hotel regrading checking out after 10 nights instead of 11 ในวันที่ พ. 7 เม.ย. 2021 เวลา 16:28 I don’t want refund. I only want to follow CCSA advice. My flight arrived in BKK Airport T
  4. has this 2 hour been confirmed? I'd like to refer to that when i make my booking
  5. He can get Health insurance and or COVID 19 insurance It all boils down to how much Deductible For example last year I got COVID -19 including $100k for 12 months 11kTHB deductible 1st 300kTHB, it was pretty much useless but it got me into the country
  6. Do you know if I can choose a HOTEL SHA+ in Pattaya or must it be in Bangkok for the 1 night
  7. you can go via Doha or Singapore or any other transit Airport, but you can only transit, if you are in a country NOT on the list, then NOT on the List means NOT approved for 1 day Quarantine
  8. This needs to be cleared up regarding testing at BKK Airport or at Hotel Can I use and SHA+ hotel in Pattaya, or does the SHA+ hotel need to be in Bangkok?? Upon arrival at Thailand’s international airport, travellers must proceed directly by the approved airport transfer to the pre-arranged COVID-19 test centre, or the reserved accommodation and undergo the required RT-PCR COVID-19 test on Day 0-1.
  9. On the 1st of November the PM will be pictured similar to the below Phuket 1st of July This will be guaranteed November 1st will welcome tourists
  10. Low Risk According to the list, eligible countries are: United States United Kingdom Germany Sweden Denmark Finland Norway France Russia China and Hong Kong Taiwan South Korea Australia Singapore Israel United Arab Emirates Switzerland Malaysia Italy Japan
  11. The November 1st deadline will be made Pictures of tourists arriving on the 1st will be published Official announcement will be before November 1st Why is everyone complaining its not November 1st yet plenty of time
  12. The list of Approved (5-10-38??) Low Risk countries will be announced Tomorrow (Wednesday 20th ) As I have said on other threads, this is going the same way as the changes which happened in April and July, both sets of changes were changed after the announced date. For example, the Phuket sandbox was 1st July, but the COE system wasn’t working until the 30th June, some travelers managed to board aircraft without having an approved COE, they managed to land and then download the approved COE. So this 1st November won’t be for people arriving on the 1st, I’m guessin
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