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  1. I hope I’m proved wrong, but don’t get your hopes up regarding spending cash in January

    The CFC board have lost Managers because the lack support for Managers requirements, Brendon R and Neil L the 1st time around. Both left as they couldn’t move the squad forward.


    Ange will have his list of players so let’s see what Ange does   


    Side Note 

    Scottish Clubs Ranked 9th 


    Celtic are ranked 50th in UEFA for season 2022



    2022 50th

    2021 46th

    2020 46th

    2019 46th

    2018 47th


    So nothing has really changed much, no improvement in UEFA rankings



    2022 39th

    2021 52nd

    2020 94th

    2019 206th

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  2. 2 hours ago, SmokeandIce said:

    Why would Bangkok Bank be involved with a "special" agreement with immigration ?  

    I didn’t ask any questions

    I went with my agent, who took me to immigration, who then sent another helper with me to the bank to open account.

    12 months later, I did same when with same agent to immigration, and was taken to bank with another helper who then sorted my 800k bank cert


    Next day 12 month extension issued  


    I'm against freezing 800k for any period.

    note i very rarely remain in LOS for longer than 60 days, so I don't have to report every 90 days 

  3. 35 minutes ago, ubonjoe said:

    Link here on page one of TP (https://consular.mfa.go.th/th/content/thailand-pass-faqs-2)


    Then you will find this under general info.




    You do need to change your hotel reservation to match you new arrival time.

    I’m probably book very last minute so this piece of information is great, normally I can move hotel dates by 1 or 2 days flights also, my insurance is already valid from July to June next year.

    Thanks (once again ) Joe  

  4. 1 hour ago, HashBrownHarry said:

    I've just checked the TP website, all the african countries have been removed from drop down menu's in 'Test and Go' and 'Sandbox' programs, only option is the 2 week caged option in hotel loom...

    Lets hope this Ban is the Africa only, if the ban extends to other regions Europe-South East Asia, then its back to 14 days locked in Loom for everyone 😞

  5. 6 minutes ago, ThailandRyan said:

    Hotels not needed. It's a transliteration issue. If you can read Thai it says an ATK test is all that's needed. My take is that will be done at the airport. Why would they make someone who lives in the country book a hotel.  Read my post, a hotel is not needing to be booked. I will agree to disagree with you. Enjoy your view as it's not mine.

    SHA+ & AQ already are set up for testing they have separate area for currently testing using PCR, they also have agreement contracts with Hospitals, they are perfectly set up for transit testing.


    Take a deep breath and think about this

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  6. 4 minutes ago, ThailandRyan said:

    From December 16, 2021, people arriving in Thailand as part of the Test & Go and Sandbox schemes will only be required to take an ATK test on arrival and will no longer be required to take a RT-PCR test. 


    Furthermore, people arriving as part of the Test & Go scheme will only need to book transportation to their hotel of choice and take an ATK test. 


    They will no longer be required to book a hotel room for one night.

    you never commented on what I wrote, you only asked for a Link

    I repeat what i said before 


    The ATK testing will be done at hotels (SHA+-AQ) who have agreements contracts with hospitals in case of positive test.


    so that’s why any arrival needs to book at an approved Hotel instead of any hotel-house-home-condo


    The Hospital Staff will be doing the testing, and they’ll be using the hotel as a base,

    you won’t be self-testing yourself.


    if results are negative 10-20 minutes you go leave

  7. The ATK testing will be done at hotels (SHA+-AQ) who have agreements contracts with hospitals in case of positive test.


    so that’s why any arrival needs to book at an approved Hotel instead of any hotel-house-home-condo


    The Hospital Staff will be doing the testing, and they’ll be using the hotel as a base,

    you won’t be self-testing yourself.


    if results are negative 10-20 minutes you go leave

  8. 54 minutes ago, ThaiVisaCentre said:

    We are starting to get a more clear picture of pricing.

    For Pattaya we have seen one hotel offering a 2,500 THB ATK pickup package (we assume shared).

    For Bangkok we will request pricing very soon to get a better idea of what the hotels will be offering.

    This is good news about pricing coming down, but I still don’t really understand how this will work in hotels.


    Who will make the test, Hotel staff or Hospital staff linked to hotel, or individual tourist.


    Will we need to book a room, or simply book transport from airport to hotel only , the ATK cost 40-80 Thb ??


    thanks for your update, i'm hoping to arrive December 10-16

  9. 5 minutes ago, AlexCanada said:

    I am arriving after Dec. 1 but even if new Test and Go doesn't require 1 night hotel, transportation, and RT-PCR test I already prepaid my SHA Plus+ hotel 3500 baht deposit for these items and that is non-refundable.  It says I pay the balance of the hotel amount when I arrive.  Yes I know my mistake for booking non-refundable! 


    I'm assuming there's no chance of me getting my money back even though it's possible none of those services are required.

    When they made changes in April I got refunded 4 days and this was during my stay, so ask the hotel about this


    The hotels are normally very good with these type of things, it depends on your booking details of course 

  10. 7 hours ago, Tuvoc said:

    And I've already got my test and go hotel booking and Thailand pass for late December. I shouldn't have applied so far in advance ! Oh well, considering I was originally expecting a 7-10 day quarantine, it is still a win.

    When changes have been made in the past Hotels have issued refunds, so you should be able to get the costs for the PCR refunded.

    I’m not sure the price comparison for Airport Transport + Hotel room + PCR compared to ATK test, a PCR can cost from 2,500 so can that be removed from your payment??, ask the hotel and see what they

  11. 5 hours ago, ThaiVisaCentre said:

    It appears that RT-PCR will be replaced by an ATK test.

    It is still unclear how this will work.

    We will do our best to update our platform to accommodate whatever requirements will be in place.

    From what we understand the sandbox will be reduced to 5 days, and the Test & Go no longer requires a hotel night booking.

    What is unclear is if the test, and pickup is provided by the AQ hotels, or the hospitals directly.


    I read this also

    No confirmation date one per said December 1st where the picture says 16th


    Chaotic again sadly, the hotels will get bombarded with questions they cannot answer because it’s not being fully discussed yet

    For example an Rapid AT test takes 10 minutes for result, so that’s not even enough time to go to your hotel room from hotel reception, by then you’ll have a negative result and you can leave the hotel, what’s the point of all of this really


    Many many tourists are simply refusing to travel to Thailand now and are sharing their feelings with people who have never been. Thailands reputation has gone from “Amazing to Don’t Go “

  12. On 11/23/2021 at 1:18 AM, AlexCanada said:

    I'll be arriving in BKK after midnight so likely won't arrive at the AQ hotel until 2 am.  Can anyone refer me a hotel where I will only have to book 1 night hotel / vary early check in or late check out?  If I arrive at the hotel on December 3 at 2 am, will I book a hotel for December 2 since it's before check in time or for December 3?

    Hotel dates normally start after 12pm- or 2pm so if arrive 3rd 2 am, I'd say your booking starts 2nd from 2pm onwards, as you will have to check out approx 3rd 2pm onwards unless you get late check out 

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  13. 42 minutes ago, deptrai said:

    If I were to apply for Thailand Pass, which of the following pictures would I upload?

    The document containing the QR code was generated by Salem (Oregon) Health.  It accounts for my 1st two shots.  My 3rd shot was done at Walmart (similar to Asda in UK).  I have no QR code that reflects the 3rd Walmart shot.  Walmart kept my original paper CDC card that had the first two shots recorded and replaced it with a new CDC card where they copied the first two entries and added their own third.


    Vax card 1.JPG

    Vax card 2.JPG

    QR code.JPG

    I would say, upload the certificates, and upload the same QR code for 1st & 2nd doses, see what happens


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  14. 7 hours ago, PabloSanDiego said:

    I will also be going through this again in 3 weeks.  the JW was my home away from home for about 10 years (although 5+ years ago) and I loved going back last week. They were so professional about everything and I am sure I'm going to use their Test & Go again.  For an extra couple thousand baht, I know I'm going to get a private van and everything taken care of. Plus, for anyone with Marriott status, the open bar happy hour before going out and the massive breakfast buffet makes it well worth it. 


    BTW, I landed at 08:30 AM and was out on the streets of Sukhumvit by 13:00.  It was all around a very good experience.

    It looks like the hotels don’t really care if you check out within 6-8-10 or even 24 hours, as long as they get the one night payment.


    I’m arriving at BKK 12pm, going to Pattaya, so check in Hotel 3pm test 3:45pm??? do you think I will be able to leave same night, or next morning ???


    So good luck to everyone.

  15. 18 minutes ago, PabloSanDiego said:

    the app asks for info on both initial shots, why would you leave the first one blank? What's the point, just asking for rejection?  I have a booster too, but there isn't any place to put that info in.  It is included in the QR Code though.

    you can add more in the section below, so you can add your 3rd dose 

    I did it through a trial run using same QR code for all 3 and it went through in 7 minutes, 

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