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I started May 15, 2018 to see the other half of the world I hadn’t been to. When I was 18 I traveled thru Europe, across the Sahara Desert to West Africa. Spent 5 months in Africa before catching a Pakistani freighter to Santos, Brazil. From Brazil I headed north- Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, thru Central America and Mexico back to California. That was 1972-1974. After raising a family and working 40+ years I decided to set out again before it was too late. The plan was to start hiking the Dolomites in Italy, go  to Corsica for more hiking, and then hike the Aragon way in Spain. From Spain to Moscow and the Transiberian Railway to Ulan Bator in Mongolia. From Mongolia to China and a trip to the base of Mount Everest in Tibet. Then onto Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Japan, India and Sri Lanka. For the past year I have continued to return to Thailand.

I am a little behind schedule, blissfully content with the people and life in Thailand.

To complete my journey I will return to India and then South Africa. I would like to work my way up East Africa, the Middle East and Turkey.

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