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  1. The filename and other information is stored in the Master File Table separate from the jpg file so even if the file is corrupt you should still see the filename. From the OP: "Right clicking Properties/Security tells me I have to have Read permissions to view the properties." Have you tried right clicking to check Properties/Security tab for one of the corrupted jpgs? In theory the security information should still be intact in the MFT even if the jpg is corrupted.
  2. If the bank or finance company accepted her as a co-signer for the loan she must have had some assets or was it because of her position at the hotel? As far as the bank is concerned the fact she hasn't any money in her own bank account doesn't prevent her from taking out loans from friends or family or selling off assets to cover the debt she is now responsible for. It's very good news the truck has been found and recovered(?) the buyer should be in that area too if she wants to try and track him down. Personally I think she needs to negotiate what she now owes and put
  3. White, plump girls 'poo saao kaao kaao uuap uuap' I think the same type Neeranam is hot for. Check youtube: ผู้สาวขาวๆอวบๆ I still prefer the dark exotic and slutty Isarn gals.
  4. I wouldn't put much faith in what the bank lawyer said, the lawyer is your friend's adversary. I doubt the bank will put too much effort into locating the vehicle since they have your friend on the hook for the money and already in court. I think your friend needs to put a lot of effort into locating the truck buyer and hopefully the truck too. The buyer must have some kind of online presence your friend is aware of like Facebook or Line. Check out the potential contacts/friends/family via the online apps. Thais aren't very good at being loners and disappearing.
  5. The newspaper name 'Naew Na' (แนวหน้า) translates to 'frontline' like frontline troops, closest to the action as well. Pretty much like vanguard.
  6. A checker at the store, young super cute blonde with a great smile is really checking you out. She looks down at the cash register for a moment then looks up checking you out some more smiling beautifully the whole time. Thinking this can't really be happening while trying to suck in your gut she finally tells you that if you're over 60 you can get a senior discount. True story and I was only about 50 at the time.
  7. 90% of motorcyclists killed haven't a clue what defensive driving is.
  8. A factory reset of a 3BB router should not be done unless you know in advance the WAN username and password that the router uses to connect to 3BB which can be found on the receipt from 3BB the technicians should give you.
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