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  1. $15/hr starting, I'm sure my wife with her experience and work ethic will soon move up to more. K-12 ESL teaching, for which there is increasing demand, commands $60-70k. I'll also get a retirement plan, which I won't get here. We'll have the family home, so minimal housing costs. It's also the Midwest, far cheaper than other places in the US. Yup, not arguing many of your other points. Getting work done on your house in the US is stupid. Scam artists and high costs. Amazing how it is here in Thailand. Family here knows some guy who'll send someone over to have it done well and che
  2. Much fake news and rumors are often spread by the aggrieved themselves, to garner sympathy, exaggerate the attacks, and gain support for going after the attackers. I doubt any of the protesters are actually plotting a coup. But now let's spread that rumor, and next time they're out in the street, they're now conspirators to be jailed.
  3. About a year ago, wife and I saw Tenet at one of the fancy cinemas in one of those Phrom Phong malls, when everything was opening up, and everyone thought it'd soon be over. I sprang for 1000 baht VIP tickets. Man, I haven't seen a good flick in forever, and was dying for a good experience. Buffet in their lounge area included. We made sure to pig out and get our money's worth. Haha. Then they guided us in to plush reclining chairs, and more free drinks. Man, that soundtrack is great, and the sound system really did it justice. The whole place was rumbling and we felt l
  4. I'd consider Thailand permanently if: 1) Retired with a good pension, 2) Solid, well paying job here, 3) Some kind of lucrative online business, as some have mentioned, 4) Nothing home to go back to. None of those apply to me. I'm in my mid 40's, and still wish to advance my career in teaching. That can't be done here in Thailand. I'm maxed out at the govt school level out here in Issan. Great relaxed country living, though at a low salary I can't keep making forever. I have high qualifications, but they're not exactly what the picky intl schools want. Nor do I care for that insuff
  5. Well, in the news I keep seeing these events in which people try gathering to enjoy themselves socializing and drinking alcohol. You know, I really miss it myself. But then for this, the police soon arrive and take them all to the station to pay hefty fines. Darn, they were supposed to have stayed in their condos and hotel rooms and just put on the Netflix. Hmm, yes. Can't see this sort of arrangement sitting too well with tourists.
  6. Spoiled brats. No discipline. They're pretty much allowed to do whatever growing up. The teenage boys in my village lay about all day playing games. Yet someone keeps feeding them and paying their phone bills. So when someone finally tells them no, years later, they can't handle it.
  7. My Thai wife loves football and can't even watch her national team or league. Says too much fighting and cheating. We always watch the Premier League. Blame the foreigners and keep sacking them. Same they do with most of their foreign teachers in most of their schools every year.
  8. Some of my HS students even know about that. They say they no longer go to 7-11. Plenty of mom and pops to be supported here in the small town anyway.
  9. Heh, Thai style man. Saving face. Truck crash? Brake failure. Shooting? Gun cleaning accident. Farang falls from Pattaya balcony? Oh, GF was already asleep, and he was drunk. CCTV catches group going into an alley, then one was murdered? Oh, it wasn't any of them, the killer got away. No vaccines? The companies aren't sending them, they have shipping issues, production issues. A school I worked for changes nearly their entire foreign staff every year. The kids aren't learning, because they can never get any good foreign teachers. Just admit faul
  10. Filthy farangs flaunt the funds to be fined, flatly not those first to the Fatherland, whose funds are finished.
  11. I'm a teacher. I first came here with an MA in Education and a few years' experience in America. I thought this might get me into the intl schools. It didn't. They're quite picky, and particularly go for UK certs, like PGCE, QTS, IB, Cambridge, etc. But I have something comparable? No bueno señor. There's a few American style intl schools, but they too want particular American things, like Common Core. Thus, I wound up with 65k teaching at a BKK private school. Totally not worth the hassle. Mountains of meaningless paperwork. Spolied rich kids to be given high scores for playing ga
  12. Hehe. Like tailgating and aggressively passing us, on these two lane country roads. Wrapping their vehicle around a tree or pole tends to solve that problem.
  13. On many occasions, a Thai lady, wife or GF, takes out a loan in her name, based on her credit, for property or a vehicle. The understanding is that her farang will make the payments, though his name's not on anything. On the bad side, he has no legal rights to the stuff, and must lose what he's put in when he walks away. But on the good side he can make a clean break, not obligated to keep paying. Thus, it's really up to the Thai lady to think long and hard about taking such a loan. Is the relationship likely to pan out? Will they both make an effort to hold it together
  14. It's bad enough they don't wear masks, and go to their secret parties and bar meetups. They also find it necessary to draw immense attention to themselves. For instance, at a new Taco Bell. Still waiting for him to be deported.
  15. Good ol' Tammy. She could've been President. As much as I dislike it, when dealing with other govts, they must prioritize appeasing the other govts first, then serving their citizens. As in the larger scheme of things, making the other govts happy then helps us in turn. Remember it wasn't long ago, when everyone's visas were running out, that kicking us all out seemed a very real possibility.
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