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  1. Yup, wife says the pay out here was around 400 baht also. Doesn't take much when everyone's been hurting, and as been said, the foreign ATMs they were once used to haven't been around. There were also plenty of bottles of lao khao being handed out, and packs of M-150 to aid with the remaining rice harvest. Plenty of tuned up, staggering Thai farmers after happily unloading those bales and casting their votes. There's also the issue of getting everyone to return to their home provinces to vote. They likely wouldn't do it without some incentive. When we went into town on
  2. Mr. CP's got the already large CP group and its food empire, then Makro, True (cell phones and TV), recently Lotus's's's's, and now he's grabbed Dtac. The Lotus acquisition was investigated by the anti-monopoly office, if you could believe Thailand has such a thing, and then approved. Well, maybe his next acquisition will be the Thai govt. He couldn't be any worse than Mr. P.
  3. Thursdays after school? Heh. She's gonna tell some parents she got a farang teacher for a special class, and collect a few hundred baht a head. This happened to me.
  4. Where to begin. The low wages for foreign teachers. The low requirements for foreign teachers. Better qualified teachers that wouldn't be attracted by the low wages anyway. The ridiculous visa and paperwork process in getting hired. Then the paperwork that comes in the schools themselves. Ridiculous lesson plans and reports which must be stacked into neat, fat binders, despite having little to do with the education itself. Oh, if only that effort in generating paperwork could actually be devoted to teaching. While the papers may say this and that is being done, students are allowed
  5. This teetotaling, puritanical nonsense cannot continue indefinitely. Not if the families behind Singha and Chang have anything to say about it. Those in govt might not like the bar owners and employees, but the top hi-so elite who actually make the booze have had their wallets lightened a bit much for too long, for which there will definitely be a reckoning.
  6. It's hardly a reopening. They're just not coming when there's: 1) Piles of paperwork, 2) Testing and possible quarantine, 3) Pricey insurance, 4) No nightlife.
  7. Nice places can be had for around 10k a bit further from the CBD in BKK. I was paying 8k for a decent place with all the amenities, security, parking, pool, fitness. Didn't have the prestige of a more expensive place, but you shouldn't be spending on that if playing the long game. Indeed, rent. Absolutely don't invest in property. The ads are bursting with rentals with folks already in that boat, which they aren't getting out of any time soon. Or hey, come out here to Issan, where your baht goes even further, and you can kick back and relax watching the sunset over the
  8. There's one at my local market. First thing she said to me was "Welcome to Amazing Thailand!" Then I found her English was quite good. Doubt she got it from some intl school or uni. What she got from her trade was prob a lot better anyway. Real hands on experience. But now she's up there in years, so it was time to retire to selling desserts in the market. Good timing given the recent events. Bet she's got some stories to tell about the good ol' days. Though I doubt my wife would be as interested.
  9. It's really a joke at this point. My entire school came to take their Covid test the other day as they'll be returning to school soon. Other than spreading each level out to come at different times of the day, few other protective measures were taken. Before and after the test kids were congregating, talking, playing as normal. Somehow everyone tested negative. Perhaps there were some positives no one's talking about as they want to open. Yet they seem to be accepting the risk. Crowded shopping malls are open, the schools are opening, the BTS is packed everyday. This hanging onto t
  10. Hehe, my thoughts exactly. The long credit is pricey but nice security. Wife and I have had our new car a year now, also 7k baht a month. It's worth it to me as it's my commuter car, used daily, and necessary for getting around out here in the sticks. Fam had a pickup awhile back which was repoed, and thus they have no other car. They need us for errands and picking up big or far away things, that their salengs can't do. 1) No "where's the car?" moments (sold/gifted), 2) No large money requests (See that car out there? Still making those payments.)
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