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  1. jesus, what are they smoking? 600K tourists in December alone? lucky if they get past 6K that month
  2. it's all over Europe already, this is the tip of the iceberg, and apparently it has been there for weeks
  3. for a 500 EUR transfer, I pay 5.5 EUR in WISE fees, using SEPA, that same transfer would be 4.5 EUR, so I suspect 1 EUR is for CC processing that WISE is charging you on my bank statement, I only pay 500 EUR, since WISE will deduct 5.5 from the 500 EUR to be in THB same with my USD cc, but I don't have the SEPA option there for 1,000 EUR, fee is about 6.5 for cc and about 5.5 for SEPA, I only do small transfer with WISE, but I did a simulation for bigger transfer, and fees were getting close to 25 EUR, about the same as a SWIFT transfer
  4. My statement doesn't show any fees, I suspect that WISE get charged the fees by the cc and WISE charged you a global fee. Transfer with WISE using cc is slightly more expensive by 1 EUR or 1 USD than using a bank transfer
  5. I don't buy something if I don't believe in it or think it's a game of fraud, it's really that simple, nothing to do with pure expected returns You could say the same thing for buying a lotto ticket, or investing in cocaine or an opioid business, or some other "questionable" assets with very high returns, like weeds. Oh yeah I missed out by not putting 1% in my Asset Allocation so your argument is a bit short, cryptos are a game of dupe and "frauds", and I won't be part of it no matter the payoff
  6. the BTC Futures contract cost about 25,000 with all the leverage included, and since the underlying is very volatile, that's how you can make 50K a day I don't see Bitcoin as a long term investment, it's a day trading investment.
  7. there is, but it's based on a Futures contract using an average price of different platform the futures contract is more fun, very volatile with a 50x multiple you can make as much as $50k in a day with those BTC swings with a Futures contract, all settled in USD in a regulated exchange
  8. the only question that matters is: will Thailand go in full lockdown again over this new variant? from their past mistakes, they probably will brace for impact
  9. not on mine, but possible on others. You do pay a transaction fee to WISE, so maybe that includes the credit card charge back to the cc company
  10. works with any Credit card, US or European just try it, start low with $500
  11. strange indeed, for the naming conventions, unless some past variants were serious and named, but not serious enough to be disclosed publicly
  12. the new China syndrome, feels like a bad movie title from the 1970s
  13. well at least people are having a good time on the beach maybe that's the new model, cheap happy mood on the beach, instead of being packed in an expensive bar
  14. closing the borders is a bit too late, it's already there, so it's an over-reaction should have kept borders closed over the summer when cases were decreasing, but no, it was open bar
  15. rest assure that new variant is ALREADY in Thailand, detection is a random game at an early stage, and it's safe to say it's already all over Europe closing borders? too late for that, it's not like we can do this in "real time"
  16. what a terrible deal, there is really one born every minute sounds like you could buy cryptos for that amount, and have better odds at making a profit
  17. at least Thai government has a valid excuse for tourists not showing up this December
  18. Google Meet can do video live chat through a web browser, quite efficient and running fast if your students have gmail accounts, Zoom is "heavy", and a pain to update every 2 weeks, full of small bugs
  19. can you get a Thai TIN online? or you have to go in person. I know they had a project for doing it online at one point, not sure if it happened.
  20. expect some radical policies changes starting next week, after news of the new variant is all over the world this week-end,
  21. Thais, as usual, live in lala land and in a bubble, if they think they can beat that thing with a few tests and a vaccine, they are going to be very disappointed and will create a lot of unnecessary frustrated people they don't know when they are beaten, and will keep acting like headless chickens
  22. Thai landlords see those "dodgy" owners and take them for a ride, the local "farangs" from before were not sucked dry like it is now with those "questionable" characters and some "Thai" landlords are actually "farangs" with nominees, Thais need to take back Pattaya WS, and kick out all those petty loots Same with Nana, we all know the "farangs" who actually "own" Nana and act like Thai landords and keep sucking dry every bars there
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