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  1. I've enjoyed it enough (at 3 days a week for 50+ years) by car--trains take forever--but the driving is now too much for me with cataracts and slower reflexes at 80. And I want to see the GF more often while she's still young (and I still feel as young as she feels).
  2. No, I didn't retire then. I'm about to retire now that I'm over 80. I have to decide by October 1.
  3. That is a very helpful way of thinking about what I am going through. I was never a big saver but I have always thought of my savings as not to be spent down. My declining savings would mark my declining years. For me and my wife. And my wife's ever declining health could continue indefinitely and result in eventual impoverishment. Instead I imagined I could work forever if necessary. That way my savings would constantly expand and I could grow (instead of decline) indefinitely. For now, the work no longer appeals. If I have to get back to it in my 100s I'll worry about it then.
  4. When did I decide? I’m deciding now. For the same reason I almost decided to retire a few years ago. The long commute. Over an hour each way from my Manhattan apartment to the college in the country. That day before Thanksgiving a few years ago, a sudden ice storm turned the evening commute into a six-hour horror. This time it’s the realization that I cannot drive safely at night. Then and now, my savings will keep me comfortable—unless my wife’s Alzheimer’s lasts more than another ten years. But this time I’m over 80. And my loving and gorgeous Thai GF is almost 40. So I will split
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