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  1. Can you download the Android app and run that? Once you sign up log in and see if you are listed as overstay. If yes data base is wrong just as mine is (and so many others).
  2. Actually there are not many such facilities at all as most people treat family at home as the cost of help is not that high here. I hope both have been here and will be able to adapt to the change, climate, language, customs. This is a major change, especially if still mentally active. My wife has (and is Thai) and the last thing she would ever want to do is move to unfamiliar surroundings.
  3. The final word - always. Perhaps a radio control switch at pump tied to an electric type float switch at tank with the transmitter? Believe they have such things for lights and such but don't use myself.
  4. He needs to stop the pump - float only blocks the water - pump would then burn out. It appears would require a powered electric switch at tank and 200 meters of wire to a switch at pump to turn it on/off. Perhaps better to build more water storage and make the trips less frequent.
  5. But can you smile like this?
  6. As is evident this is still a how long is a piece of string situation. There just has not been enough time to know for sure. Current thinking seems to be six months for those most at risk and a year or more for those not. But even that is guesswork and until more of the world has access kind of meaningless (as this weeks SA version indicates). For the time being probably better for all of use to get the world vaccinated and run with perhaps yearly shots until that is done as this is not something that can be kept in a bottle for an extended time. 10% infection on a 600 pax fl
  7. Anyone who wants a piece of the pie? The police and Embassy will both be immediately informed of death by law.
  8. Copies of old passport data/visa/extension and new passport data I believe. Link a passport to bank account must be Jomtien thing as have never heard of that from immigration and have no idea how they would do it as only banks have that information.
  9. Believe the 20k was for pre-op and indeed seems high - but that is often the case when hospital provides estimates as patient much happier to pay less then more.
  10. I would just do both at the same time if expiring soon - that is what I have always done in Bangkok - as said it is have request letter from Consulate, make copies and sign a one page form so few minute process.
  11. Yes for normal use - but for immigration deposit accounts the money must be in single name account and with current requirements that can tie up more than 800,000 baht.
  12. Believe it started to be enforced in Bangkok about the same time as the WTC terrorist attack and appeared to be in response to various international terrorist activities. So although nobody wanted to do it - it could not be ignored. It was an upper floor room at Suanplu Immigration in those days.
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