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  1. Only for some - for normal Thai channels suspect it would likely not be a good choice as they have channel data onscreen and OLED is subject to burn more than LED. It also needs darker viewing area so not an advantage for normal TV use. The service life is also questionable. To pay more seems counter productive unless for a home theater type install to me.
  2. Yes but are the toilets tied to it or just the septic tank? Each toilet should have an air escape near the actual toilet and above their entry into tank but in Thailand this is not normally the case for single family homes. So when heavy rains some and ground water gets higher than entry into septic tank gas can not get out and a new flush will increase water in pipe and force some back into bathroom or if too much prevent flushing. But issue could well be floor drains rather than toilet as they will not have any air escape path once gray water above pipes.
  3. Normally they are safe for at least 4 years but believe we are more concerned about ground water level getting higher than the pipes from toilet which would prevent air escape from the tank vent and many toilets do not have a vent pipe here so as water fills pipe gas will be forced back up through toilet or any space it can escape.
  4. But the drain is below the top so should not be filled - if ground water becomes higher during heavy rains the drain will fill and back water up to ground water levels in tank and plumbing which may result in backflow into home or critters normally below ground going to higher levels.
  5. This is the normal install in Thailand and only in recent years has a wax seal even been an option - mostly unused as floors are cement so easy to seal base of toilet as is traditionally done rather than installing bolts into floor and having to have hole exact measurement from wall. Indeed if seal fails can have smells or leakage but normally easy to fix. Most smells are from drains that do not have water seal or water has dried out.
  6. U traps are not normal for floor drains in Thailand. What there should be is a drain like below - which if full of trash or no water (or as all too often not installed) allows entry of smells or critters from below.
  7. As for 4k it is the new standard so is not an additional cost anymore. Agree many of us have no use for it yet but a few years ago most did not need (HD) either - but most content now is - and production cost is just about the same for HD or 4K screen so everyone changing.
  8. Bangkok Bank may not be keen to provide such a letter as they do not have proof of origin. So first download PDF receipt from Wise. That may be all you need. If more required that PDF will advise the account bank used to pay into your Bangkok Bank account and you ask that bank international department for a credit advice using the information from PDF receipt. As a last resort that credit advise might be used by Bangkok Bank to write letter for immigration. But in most cases if you show a deposit and a Wise PDF supporting it expect immigration will be happy.
  9. TCL is one of the largest makers in the world so is a name brand and they offer 3 year warrantee and in other threads many in Thailand have had good luck with them. Have had 2 best selling brand fail just after one year so will not pay extra for them again.
  10. I have not had good luck with name brands and do not feel they are worth paying more to have - they only sets that have lasted more then 2 years have been no name or TCL. I just bought a 55 inch TCL 55T5000A for about 13K from official store on Lazada to replace a 5 year old no name that finally quite. As first 2 sets were TCL when 32 inch was the max size and have still not failed believe it is a good choice and a reasonable price. Remote control is very easy to use and much smaller than most others. Set is easy to set up and full options even if you do not want to use them (like phone a
  11. Believe that when they first appeared they were restricted to serve Japanese only (which is where the idea came from and where they have operated for far longer) - US forces and other foreigners were not allowed entry to such Japanese only establishments.
  12. In Philippines you are asked to leave after 3 years and obtain a new tourist entry.
  13. Almost all the women involved with US forces chose to do so after being deserted by Thai husbands and family and used this to support themselves, their children and often family that had deserted them. And in many cases these relationships became long term. This was not part of the Thai brothels' system.
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