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  1. I have the hardest time using apple pay at TOPS because their system takes 2 taps. I've tried it at tesco it doesn't work as well. You are correct as well the apple pay only works with foreign cards. I've been using the apple card. I've tried the 7/11 pay wave using apple pay throughout most of Issan it should work fine. A lot of the cashiers just not trained to use it. Have to tell them you want to pay with credit card. Then you just use apple pay instead on the machine where you insert the card.
  2. Following as well. I have a flight next month as well haven't had the chance to call ANA to check up on their rules. Well I had a friend who went from Costa Rica to USA an antigen test was fine. But I think it depends on your airlines and where you transit and their rules. Transit in Japan is it ANA or JAL?
  3. Apple pay is available it works at 7/11, Big C and tops market. They just don't call it apple pay. If you tell them you wanna do the contactless tap payment it works most of the time depending on the card you're using on apple pay. At 7/11 you just tell them you wanna pay by credit card and you just tap the machine with your phone using apple pay. They'll be shocked but it works.
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