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  1. Let's hope that this new variant is less virulent and causes hardly any symptoms. Getting a little tired of this 2 years in.
  2. Fake elections that mean nothing shouldn't get anyone excited.
  3. We are all hopeful this is the way that it will go down. I am so sick of COVID 19 I'd rather put nails in my scrotum than go down another set of lockdowns for a year and the resultant nonsense. If this is the end, let it be so. Develop into a cold, or whatever...
  4. Actually I kind of liked it too. I'd go down a few stores and find some corner shop that would sell you a bottle during the banishment hour (s). It was so asinine, so strange. Bizarre. Thailand.
  5. This is about as much fun as going to church on magic mushrooms.
  6. Ah the magical mystery hour(s). I remember those well. Drink like a fish till 2 then it's time to stop for a while, LOL!
  7. The good news is tons of people aren't keeling over dead. It is spreading quickly in a nation that has a horrendous vaccination rate. Go figure.
  8. Generally speaking pandemics do mutate and tend to get weaker with time. Viruses want us alive to survive, they much prefer it that way as opposed to dead. That's why MERS didn't really make it. It just killed everyone. That's a general rule, we will know more in a few weeks. The talk that this is less serious is just garbage barfed out of Reddit or this forum from people with as much medical training as me - that is high school biology so basically nothing.
  9. Isn't that true and lovely at the same time. I believe the next variant will be named pi. I am looking forward to that. I love pie.
  10. Worst case, everything will be slammed shut again. Best case, a temporary blip. Not that Thailand's tourism industry was going anywhere this year anyways. Look to fall 2022 for a POSSIBLE slight recovery. Regardless, this year is a write-off.
  11. I guess I could have explained myself a little better - no, I don't class you in those people.. But I do see quite a few here that think that have a skewed reason for these bans right now. I completely agree with you. This virus will get here. Like Delta, the flu, the common cold, no way to stop it. The only thing that I hope is that this is the biggest nothing burger of the pandemic. Generally speaking, pandemic bugs get less virulent in time, meaning they cause less and less harm till it's hardly noticeable. This could very well be the case, but everyone ne
  12. Listen, it WILL get into Thailand. It will get to every corner of the planet and all the lockdowns will not stop it. It will slow it. OR it will burn itself out. Or it will be harmless. It's fascinating to see how this is getting blown out of proportion from people who really have no idea how viruses work. I'm seeing people think that feel like the world is ending. There is a worst case scenario and a best case scenario. Does anyone remember Delta variant? Oh yeah, it's what COVID basically is now.
  13. Your hyperbole is also laughable. If there were a tissue nearby, I would probably offer it to you in the corner there sulking about what someone else feels. Hell, I may even buy you a drink. A hug?
  14. You just made me spit my coffee out all over the table. Seriously, get of prison planet dot com. Seriously.
  15. It's bad - in that I believe Thailand will have it first like everyone else and the bans from other countries will start right away. If that's the case, good luck getting home or to Thailand.
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