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  1. I don't have any advice or insightful previous experience to share but just let me say I have enormous sympathy for you. I hope it's resolved in your best interests. You seem like a more than-decent human being. Best of luck.
  2. Are they really going to let tourists roam all of Bangkok? In Phuket, I read foreigners were limited to certain zones. There's no way, unless they put an ankle bracelet one people, that they can track everyone's movement. I'd love to see the film of airport workers welcoming tourists to the Land of Smiles as they cuff them with their Big Brother monitoring devices.
  3. These guys deserve a bonus for nabbing her. Who knows what she is? She could be a Mexican drug lord. She could be a Hungarian weapons dealer. She could be a Chinese child trafficker. Maybe she's an Italian mobster. One thing we do know is that she ain't some innocent old lady. Look at how her hands clutch her purse. She's a hardened criminal through and through. Book her Dan-O!! Cue the music and credits.
  4. OK, that would ideal. Thanks for your help. I thought the sandbox would limit your freedom to roam but I can't see how they're going to sandbox a city the size of Bangkok.
  5. Thanks for your suggestion but I prefer Bangkok because it's where I live and where my friends are. I am confident there are many Americans (at least) who share my interests. I would like to keep this about Bangkok, please.
  6. I left Thailand before all hell broke loose and have been too busy until recently to give much thought to it. I have read a few reports about how the re-opening may be extended to other areas, including my home, Bangkok. Presuming it does open in November or December, how would a Bangkok sandbox work? Have there been any trial balloons floated as to where it would be? If it is similar to Phuket, what sort of square kilometer equivalent would that be? Also, assuming life goes back to not normal but pre-Delta, what was that like? For instance, were the food courts open at Robinson's or Terminal
  7. Is there any objective analysis or index measure like the Case-Schiller index that would tell us what exactly is happening with prices? Hard to trust anything you read or hear.
  8. Being fully vaccinated dramatically reduces the probability of being infected as well as the American South has demonstrated. 0% is a tall order and rarely achievable but the good isn't the enemy of the perfect. We are just gonna have to learn to live with it.
  9. For no quarantine, try Mexico, Latin and South America. Not all nationalities get in probably but it's warm and pleasant enough to replace SEA for at least a year.
  10. Not usually but I'm interested in any source that highlights the problems of American expats created by our own government. In case anyone doesn't know the NR is a long standing establishment conservative magazine. It was before the internet and Trump. Sadly, those days are long gone. Nonetheless, I appreciate your efforts at bringing relevant matters to our attention so thank you.
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