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  1. Wonderful for you, most people just end up paying that amount in interests during their lifetime instead...
  2. Back in the monkey house and will probably relapse once released again. You can't release criminals who clearly suffer from mental troubles and not have strict follow up protocols put in place. I know, no budget and no one seems to care... And there are way too many other things that need attention as well in Thailand. It keeps piling up and the whole system is bound to collapse one day.
  3. How about enforcing the law regarding motorbikes loaded with mom, dad, 2 kids at the back and 1 in the front, no helmets for all... I am not blaming these people, I know they usually have low incomes and no education (ok, I still blame the parents a bit who should know better). I put most of the blame on authorities that do not seem to care at all.
  4. Probably a lot. I know too many people who keep buying cars, bikes, 40K baht Iphones, 85" TVs and such on loans that are impossible to pay back with their actual incomes. Yet, they still do it. Why work hard and save for years when advertisings are telling you that you can get these items today with almost 0 funds necessary... And that's when many people then go to shark loans when they are about to default, thinking somehow they'll "manage". I know of 2 people whose "jobs" are to rearrange people's financial outlook so that banks will approve loans quite easily for the
  5. I think they can't afford the risk of refusing someone right now if he/she has the right to legally enter the country. If they did so and the story came out, it would be the absolute end of tourism here during Covid, which is clearly not over.
  6. Very informative, thank you. If that's the price to pay, it seems very reasonable in my opinion.
  7. That's everyone's guess. Never heard of anyone managing to get out of long overstays this way. And I don't think they would come post about it here anyway...
  8. A) He'll be banned for years, so won't be able to come back. B) It might be possible, but probably going to cost an arm, and a leg possibly... No other options AFAIK unfortunately... And 3 years is way too long to be considered a slight oversight by immigration officers.
  9. I'm glad for you and hope everyone will get the same treatment. Out of curiosity, did you have to show proof somehow that it wasn't your doing? Also, was it many small amounts combining 1,500B?
  10. I'd like to add that many countries will give you permanent residency or even citizenship for much less than what they are asking... Seriously, this project is meaningless and will soon be forgotten.
  11. Thank you! I feel so much better now... 1 million $ and you get a work permit, which they didn't say would be free, but you can obtain one! They say "smart visa", nothing smart about investing that much money if it is to get a visa... Should rename it, I'll leave it to you fellas to find the appropriate name
  12. And yes, you can extend your visa exempt entry for another 30 days. Which is probably what they want you to do before applying for a Covid extension. I thought current exempt visas were 45 days, am I missing something?
  13. That is incorrect, you can apply for 60 days Covid extensions until November 26th of this year. There is no news yet if they will extend any further as far as I know.
  14. Just finished reading the whole thread and I truly feel for you OP. You have all your answers by now, so I won't add to it. I just want to ask this: is your relationship with her really at the point of no return? I mean, it seems that things were fine for almost 10 years and that must have created strong bonds hopefully. Have you really taken the time to sit down with her when she sounds more "rational" and see if a compromise could be worked out between you two. You seem like a caring person, so I believe you would be up to try and make it work with her. She may be acting out now,
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