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  1. Let’s hope Phuket doesn’t experience what happened in Israel after they gave a booster…if you don’t know Google
  2. O My Good we are doomed………. Actually YES have had free flu jabs a few times. However the last three or four years have had to pay.
  3. A friend who lived in our village, he was quite old, died about three weeks ago. He had lived with his partner who is from the Philippines for at least twenty five years and that have a twenty odd years old daughter who is living in the Philippines. He never divorced his Danish wife. It appears that he has left her basically destitute with little to no chance of getting any help from the guy’s family. She just has the furniture in the rented house which we are all trying to help her sell. Her landlord says that she has to clear the house. Luckily she does have a few Phi
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