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  1. 7. A mosquito the size of a grizzly bear could be in my room, and if it were quietly buzzing, the a/c might obscure it. So I cracked my eyes open a tad and saw nothing but the darkness. Though I wasn’t convinced there weren’t any prehistoric creatures living in the bowels of Bangkok’s sewer system. I flipped over, onto my stomach, and stretched into an X shape. My mind moved, and I wondered if maybe karma came back to bite Suge Knight in the ass. Or shoot him in the ass. I remembered that I was in Miami Beach, right down the street from the party where Suge Knight got s
  2. 6. I shifted in bed, sensed a stinging chill, a cold presence, and the hairs on the nape of my neck prickled. My eyes opened, mechanically, like automatic doors, and I saw that lying next to me lay a young Thai girl, maybe early 20ish. The girl was completely nude. She lay supine, and her protruding eyeballs were of an ungodly crimson-purple color, and her slim body, her golden skin was repaired in yantra tattoos. The girl was sobbing and trembling. Then she screamed at the ceiling, bellowed out something in Isan dialect. Jolted aback, I jumped out of bed, and she immed
  3. 5. A string of fuzzy green floaters slinked over my line of sight, crawling like a neon caterpillar. Then I recalled that Sammy “The Bull” has a podcast. And he’s on YouTube now. Sammy “The Bull” killed at least 19 people. And now he has a podcast. Why do people listen to it? Why do I listen to it? For the same reason I’d watch OJ Simpson give relationship advice on Twitter. The macabre is fascinating. People will always crane their necks at car accidents, plane crashes, Britney Spears, and reality television… I wonder where he is, Sammy “The Bull”… What if Sammy “
  4. 4. I melted into my indentation. Then I farted, a particularly loud, noxious fart, and stretched my arms and experienced another jarring body tremor. I worried, worried about the shaking. Shaking is not normal. Was it a stroke? What if… What if it was… ? I might have... How would I know? Who would know? Phones don’t have body-screening apps! I could die right this second. Anodyne thoughts! Anodyne thoughts! Be that water monitor lizard, I commanded myself. Have a lizard’s skin, integument. A lizard should be stoic. But then another thought terror se
  5. 3. I wormed underneath the covers and pressed my head back into my stack of pillows. The pillows were soft as breasts. My bones heavy, I sank into the springs of the mattress. Tossing, turning, I was trying to position myself right. Yet sleep wouldn’t find me. My mind raced until the urge came back. Sitting up again in bed, I coughed. A dry, hacking cough. There was something in my throat. Something bubbling up from my stomach. There was something inside me. I knew it. If only I had an X-ray machine, I’d know. When will phones have X-ray apps? When will that happen? Pr
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