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  1. 18 minutes ago, Blumpie said:

    Who else is going to come where hospitals are filling up?  


    I guess that is another consideration, on the off chance you did get sick, it seems the farang would probably be lowest on the priority list for just about anything.  Unless you wanted to spend a couple million baht for an all inclusive trip to a private hospital like Bumrungrad.  Sounds like a great holiday.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Chill27 said:

    An easy place to eat too much, drink too much and generally become very lazy.


    That is one of my biggest concerns with a retirement destination.  Don't want to feel restricted to a particular area (traffic, busy roads, no footpaths, etc.) or have difficulty walking to many places.  I've always considered Samui as one of my top potentials for retirement, but I remember the many times I've visited in the past where the only place I did any decent amount of walking was around Bophut and maybe Choengmon.  Everywhere else had too much traffic or wasn't very walkable, a motorbike was the easiest way to get around.  Definitely a consideration I suppose.

  3. 8 hours ago, Excel said:

    I think it should better be described as Flock immunity. This appears to have been achieved already by Bangkokians as witnessed rushing back to their villages like sheep in the last few days.


    Beer, loud music, and partying with friends - of course they went back!

  4. I have no stake in the MSG argument, some people swear its detrimental to their personal health, I personally don't seem to suffer any side effects from its use but I know not all human bodies are the same.  Just important for new retirees to Thailand to understand that ordering a 'customized' meal in Thailand is much harder than it is in the West.  From my experiences at least, the chef is gonna do what he wants using the ingredients that he always uses.  Even ordering a curry without cow milk and trying to get coconut milk used has mixed success, whether its the waitress screwing it up or the kitchen staff, who knows.  Better to cook yourself so you know what's in the food if you suffer from food allergies of some kind IMO.

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  5. I feel like Thai people use MSG as freely as they use salt and sugar in their foods.  It's just super natural for them to enhance the flavor of the food and they think nothing of it.  I would advise anyone newly retired to Thailand to learn to start cooking at home more often if you have MSG intolerances.  I feel like it is in practically everything from night market food all the way to chain mall restaurants.  Tough country to be in for food allergies.

  6. 3 hours ago, Ombra said:

    Thank you. That's a surprise, though, because I would have thought that such a popular chain would use MSG. The missus will be very happy to know that we can eat in MK Suki.


    My wife's first job in her youth was at a MK restaurant.  She said everything comes pre-packaged in bags for the soup, powders and all.  She is skeptical they are telling the truth about the 'No MSG' clause in their advertising.  No one knows for sure in the restaurants, just at the production facilities.  Take that for what you will.

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