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  1. I was in Bangkok a couple of weeks back and Terminal 21 at Asok was reasonably busy. Telecommunications outlets seemed busier than clothing, restaurants were patchy. That said, this mall is sited in the middle of the tourist area so probably attracts fewer locals. Fortune Town for electronics and photography was busy when I visited.,
  2. Well that's just put the reopening back. If the opposition are in favour of it, then there's no way the Government will allow it to happen anytime soon.
  3. Agreed but the railways in Thailand have suffered from decades of neglect including under his premiership. The tracks need replacing to allow high speed trains to run on them, single line tracks need replacing with dual track, old diesel locomotives need replacing, electrification is needed, ancient rolling stock needs replacing, old stations need upgrading and refurbishment. Hua Lamphong is centrally placed and should be regarded as the Capital's premier station but has not seen much/any investment for years. It is just an example of how the railways are viewed as a means of tra
  4. Life really is too short for this - - - but just put the seat down afterwards - - - how difficult is it, <deleted> !
  5. I had a couple of weeks in Bangkok, stayed at a hotel, ate out, even managed a sneaky beer or two. Though it should be regarded it as an 'internal transfer' so to speak. Instead of spending my money for that fortnight in Pak Chong I was spending it in Bangkok. I wonder if a few other people were distorting the figures like me?
  6. Dear God! There is always someone wanting to make a name for themselves and one of easiest ways to do it here is to suggest that someone else has somehow disrespected the monarchy, the Country or the flag. Currying favour in the eyes of the establishment by being maliciously obsequious. Democracy will forever be held back if this continues to hold sway. Bring on the young reformers! .
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