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  1. They might still be wondering why nobody is coming to holiday in country with this high of an infection rate and dozens of restrictions.
  2. Or in todays currency: about 13 Million shots of Pfizer.
  3. Google is your friend. Do you need a manual to translate it in the browser too? https://www.tagblatt.ch/schweiz/diplomaten-werden-geimpft-auslandschweizer-im-stich-gelassen-ld.2165576?fbclid=IwAR1p-d0PpvJGp6jHFgChq58_TUjCinCbYdhZ1AzcW5sLuPwvGDRRwPZQ0G4
  4. The only wat this would be logistically possible in Thailand is if they do the shots at 7-11.
  5. According to Swiss newspaper reports, the Swiss government sends vaccines and medical staff to Thailand - to vaccinate the local embassy staff.
  6. Must be a first that the longest wood is to be found in Thailand....
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