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  1. the reason for schoolkids is just laughable, because schoolkids are in school from 2-4 and if there can not be any dout because IF they should come and buy, everyone can see that are wearing a schooluniform. It would be better that adults can buy always and the group who is targetted, have to show their id to see if they are old enough.
  2. Even at the Makro which is normally a wholesale store you can't buy alcohol before 11am and between 14.00-17.00.... Stupid measures, nobody knows why and everybody knows it is not working
  3. So the virus is carrying a passport with here in Thailand It says.. hee I am Covid and I am Delta, and I am Covid and I am Omricon, I am Covid and I am Apha..... PCR tests only shows if you are infected with which strain needs more investigation, but in here is everything different. Better read the nws of the rest of the world.
  4. I think the problem is with UPS and not with Thai custums, because when I ask for the declaration, they don't respond
  5. Same with the Delta,, we deny it that it is in the country, If it comes we don't talk about it and when the cases rise we tell the people it is their own mistake, because they don't keep distance, wear a msk and want to drink alcohol. Problems all solved......nothing to worry... I am wondering why they don't take adequate measures now already, because it can prevent worse.
  6. Or do in Rome as the Romans do...... but stilll.. If Thailand wants more tourists and they are chasing them because drinking alcohol, smoking e cigarettes, or riding motorcycles and whatever more there is a long way to go before a lot of tourists will come back...Or don't you think foreigners don't talk about it when they come back at home???
  7. I have no idea, but the parcel was sent th 12th of October, and the track and trace didn't change for weeks So I wrote to BP and the shop and this was my answer.... I don't know The shop never used UPS before when I ordered, always with the post and smooth and silk. I had ordered another one on the 6th of November and that is the same... still in progress by Bpost.. and Bpost told me to wait for another week at least....
  8. I do always, but I don't know why suddenly the Belgian post used UPS, I heard because of problems with Covid, but I still I don't understand. Another shop told me that they don't deliver to Thailand anymore because a lot of parcels are too long on the way or disappear...
  9. If the RTP did enforce the law for EVERYONE nobody would complain, but they are very selective.... Not because a foreigner rides a motorcycle with probably no valid driverslicense, but hold every Thai and let them show A drivers license or a helmet, or one with 2 on a motorcycle instead of 3,4,5... Than I agree with do the crime..... pay the fine
  10. I understand and I eat local every day, but sometimes, like this time of the year there are only things available that you can't buy the rest of the year. We celebrate Saint Nicolaes. So time to order the special snacks, that I can't buy or make myself and at the same time order other stuff for preparing the Christmasdiner..Not a lot of people know the snacks for St Nicolaes but, it brings back the memories of my childhood. That people don't understand says more about them then about me. Never had a problem only this time the postoffice sent it by UPS and for a value of 65 euro they want me to
  11. How many accidents during the lockdown and how many more now they are in the Sandbox???? RTP should start working 24 hrs a day instead a job from 9.00-16.30 and enforce traffic laws to everyone not only for non Thais
  12. There is prostitution in Pattaya, no drugs in Thailand and the majority of Thai people don't like porn... and a majority is happy with this Government... Yeah maybe they should ask the right questions or do better survey .....
  13. Here in phetchaburi bars/karaoke restauants are open and singing.... and if there is no alcohol involved there would be no customers... But no one checks
  14. I don't know who is responsible for it but the students and the ministry of education for sure. I am teaching kids for 6 years every week in P1 to P^ and every lesson starts with how are I am fine thank you... And when I see them when they are in M1 or 2 and they come to visit the school and I ask them how are you they can not the answer.... If the memory is not working you can't teach them anything. After 240 times repeating the same sentence they are unable.....
  15. It happened to me that I ordered a parcel with foodsupplies on the 12th of October in the Netherlands. But it is still not arrived. Another does not sent to Thailand at this moment because of the long time before delivery or they disappear. My last parcel I got came after a long time with UPS and although the value of the content is only 65 euro exclusief 45 euro transport and handling costs, the Thai customs claims a import duty of 3014THB and UPS claims a lot of extra costs for warehousing, and documents, while I cleared the parcel myself. a total cost at this moment of about 8000T
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