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  1. the the last week mathematical simulation pointed pick of this wave to 14-29.9 with 400-500 daily deaths
  2. yes, that's what I have meant. Give one as a booster to all 700k medics and in health system (including 900k health volunteers, who do take care of those isolating at homes, distributing daily food to them). They are essential to survival. The rest can wait for mrna till end of year
  3. each their statement as to how many is going where is contradictory. I do suspect zero for foreigners. All those 145k will go to thai with multiple passports, that includes foreign ministry. A lot of hiso have several passports from all over the world, they buy them for ease of travel and to stash money in foreign banks, buy property as an investment
  4. both moderna (5mln) and pfizer (20mln) were ordered only 10 days ago. That is 90 days after initial talks. But sputnik, which was discussed at the same time, was never mentioned since. Thai should order any possible vax. That was proposal from thai virologists some 2 months ago, when they urges the government to act swiftly, before the 3rd wave gets out of hand. Now we have 4th wave already. And those vaxes will come at the end of year, right in the middle of 5th or 6th wave
  5. at 15% of population sciatic nerve runs through piriformis muscle. When this muscle is too tense it presses on the nerve and causes sciatica syndrom. Easy to relax it through stretches. It's worked on during thai massage. Also at yoga.
  6. they have stated, the earliest is October. You can nominate any person in your name
  7. closed in shopping centers, but still opened off street. But I have spotted them doing slower work now, for the last week. Google maps should point you to still opened. You can double check by calling them directly, there is also a phone number on their google listing
  8. there were 2 holidays the last week, monday and wednesday. Even tuesday was most likely half-working day (my local post offices were showing on google maps as opened only to 12:00pm, but probably working till evening). They tell about about closures of depo many days after it happens - that was the case in April last year and at the end of April this year. When the system grinds to hold, stockpile of parcels, they would spill the beans, to excuse themselves. The best to talk directly to your local PO, or even your postman
  9. I did answer "no much sense for registering now". if there is no pfizer in large quantity of some 20-30mln (promised only at the end of year), there is no point registering for it now, when there are other vaccines available now. More likely pfizer will be used initially as a booster, as it will be used now to medics (who had 2x sinovac). Medics will need probably yet another pfizer (or moderna) booster at the end of the next year. If you don't register now for any vaccine, you might be left over from the vaccination program. Same for those refusing to take designated vax
  10. I think it was dr anutin who met sputnik representatives in bangkok just after songkran. That was over 100 days ago. That's the second time this vax is publicly mentioned. Btw the PM can't pronounce names of all those vaccines. That one he called Sasaputnik, that is even reading from a full script just on front of him
  11. maybe they should stop leaking data from their servers. Some 24k patient files were not protected for over 40 minutes. And read all the 16 pages about registration process. Some gave up on it entirely. And still not much came up from those successfully registering - no any details whatsoever, as you would expect from a well conducted registration
  12. sinovac was approved for over 60 in indonesia sometimes in March. Followed by same in Thailand in April. So probably about that time there were studies, observations.
  13. he never mentioned pfizer. not worth mentioning, as it would be very limited amount, probably only a few thousands. Those 150k will be divided into many different groups. Thai authorities are not obliged in any way to give any to foreigners
  14. yes, but the previous promise of 20% (ie 300k doses), later changed to 10% (so 150k odses), now has evaporated and those 150k will be given to many different groups, even those thai travelling abroad. So now nobody states clearly, how many expected to genuine expats (not bogus and rich thai holding multiple passports. It well might be just in thousands, a token. One can suspect, a large part will go to army, police, civil servants - they were getting ready for mRNA for long. Many of them grabbed at early opportunity only sinovac, which turned up no so good for delta. The army even b
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