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  1. zostavax in each hospital or travel clinic. I got it in june for 4800b from mahidol travel clinic. Also red cross for similar money, but no booking system so long wating lines
  2. the road opened on friday night. But sunday noon half lanes were closed again. Still machinery left there to do beach itself, there is also a very large mobile toilet for workers left
  3. I see reason to be obsessed with vax before being done, simply because they were and are still not available to many and danger was high. Still, it was neurotic reaction, but understandable in those circumstances. But once jabbed mind can be put at ease as situation is different now, almost all foreigners in thailand wishing to do so are done. It's also possible to temporarily move from yet unvaccinated area to highly vaccinated (like phuket, but even hua hin). Time to move away from black-white perspective to normalcy and forgetting about pandemic at all.
  4. clearly an obsession with covid and unvaccinated
  5. Your friend has to have a reason to travel intraprovincionally and you would be just a driver. Need to register on the day of travel on application. Very small chance of being stopped and asked about travel, and even more so about vax. From 1st october big chance of lessening travel restrictions to HH. More places will be opened but also more expensive than now
  6. Its always 21 days. Yes, your second must and will be only pfizer, if you chosen it originally. My was exactly the same batch as 1st. Alrhough they are very close to expiry date. Some given in middle of august were dated till middle of september, as somebody has posted at that time
  7. Bangkok hospital pattaya. I was there today for second pfizer, but the great majority were first timers and rather no pfizer for them left (out of 4 options). They are still registering, but with limited capacity
  8. so far only 37% bangkokians are fully vaccinated. Targeted 70% is still remote. That's why now they moved opening bangkok to 15.10 https://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/crimecourtscalamity/2021/09/16/bangkok-tourism-reopening-delayed-to-oct-15
  9. Bank of Thailand lists 24.9 as special added holiday, but doesn't mention 29.12 at all. Probably the other banks will follow. As to December, they still might decide later on also include it. December is a much better option for holidaying because of lower temperatures and less humidity. Now it's raining daily. One of my neighbours already got sacks of sand in case of flooding. He was a marine officer so he might know well why he is doing it
  10. try asking the travel clinic in chula hospital, near victory https://www.thaitravelclinic.com/FrontNews/covid19-med-certificate-en-2.html
  11. from googling - the older guy is an owner of an art gallery, started by his grandfather. The last year at the end of December he did organise an exhibition on Phuket, where is was present. He is a long term expat. And looks, like he lived in all those years, if he decided to do it there. So it doesn't look like he was hiding, but certainly jumped his bail from Pattaya home. He also had to do an extention of his visa. Possibly he was paying some thai cops for protection for the last 10 months, but it stopped working for him. So sometimes in November he travelled to Pattaya to meet an
  12. what's the best time to be there, to avoid crowds? they are opened 9-14. After reading reports of hours of waiting for paperwork, I think I will go in the afternoon. If too long line I will come back the next day. If there is a backlog for printing those documents, they should tell people to go home and send by post.
  13. for international travel 270 days from the second jab (to some countries might be shorter). Might be changing in the future, depending on new dangerous mutations. For other purpose valid without limit. Again, until the booster shot become obligatory
  14. "Phuket Tourist Association President Bhummikitti Ruktaengam" That's a great honor for him to be there. Is he a sponsor of this independent research? Any official and unofficial figures are known?
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