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  1. Checking the Internet it would appear that if you areover 75 yearsold, Covid Insurance to meet the Governments requlrement.. Obviously I needthis insurance to return to my wife inThailand, but it seems Imay notbeabletocomply.
  2. Thank you for the info. No good to me as I am 83 going on 21!
  3. I to obtain Covid Insurance for my return to Thailand. I note that the TGIA Government site states that the Insurance they are offering is ' Not for Thai Nationals or Foreigners who Live in Thailand' Does this mean we don't need it,or have we to find our own Insurance deal with?
  4. I would like to get a International Vaccination Certificate. I live in Khon Kaen and I am told there is a Provincial Medical Authority that can issue the certificate. Can any one tell me where this authority is located please?
  5. I would appreciate an update on on the progress of the subject matter please. The UK Vaccine Minister as you will be aware told a debate in Parliament that a decision would most likely be announced recognizing the AZ vaccine made under licence in Thailand by the end of August. We are now 7 days into September and still no confirmation. I am travelling to the UK shortly and whilst there am hoping to attend a show in the West End and have been informed by the Theatre that I must have proof of an acceptable vaccination. Additionally a restaurant, where I plan to take my family
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