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  1. I to was surprised that the Doctor did not want me to have a blood test done , I’m going to take Sheryl’s advice and stop the prescribed drugs 3 days before my next Doctors appointment , assuming that the drugs have removed my symptoms , if the drugs have not removed my symptoms then on my next Doctors appointment I’m going to hear what the doctors next recommendation will be . Originally the Doctor did say the if the drugs don’t seem to have the desired effect and remove my symptoms , then he would be advising an endoscopy ( camera down my throat ). Should on my next Doctors appo
  2. So me taking these new prescribed drugs as they are only designed to treat the symptoms of my current stomach issue are only going to possibly mask the real underlying issue . So when I return to see the doctor in two weeks time and my currents symptoms have disappeared and the doctor then does not prescribe and further drugs . I then return home and wait to see if the symptoms once again return. If my symptoms do come back then I return to see the same doctor and request further investigation including the tests you outlined . Am I on the right track Thank
  3. Thanks Sheryl , I am currently not taking any drugs or other prescribed medication . The only thing I am taking are sleep aid pills called ‘’ Melatonin ‘’ which do help me sleep at night time . The hospital I attended is called .. Suranaree University of Technology Hospital (SUTH) Nakhon Ratchasima. I was very impressed by the whole experience , which was very professional and well organised and not expensive. I’m wondering what I should do if after I take the 3 prescribed dugs for the recommended 2 week period , and my current symptoms have disappeared by
  4. Well Ive made the long trip to a large hospital and managed to see a doctor ( not a GI specialist but a general Doctor ) . The Doctor could speak good English so I went over my current symptoms with him. He then asked me to lie on an examination table and proceeded with his hands to press down on areas of my stomach . He asked me if I could feel any pain as he did the pressing , I told him that I had no sensation of any pain at all any where on my stomach area. He then asked me to remove my shorts and underwear and he then proceeded to do a rectal examination with his gloved hand .
  5. I know only too well that a visit to see a hospital doctor should be on the cards, but taking into consideration the current Covid situation and my 175 km round trip to the nearest hospital . I thought I would try treating my symptoms at home . I have had the following symptoms for over a week now . 1. When I first wake up in the morning I feel nauseous , no stomach ache and do not vomit . 2. My faeces is now more soft than in the past ( but not watery or diarrhea looking ) .There are no signs of blood in my faeces and the colouration looks normal
  6. Thanks , my main reason that I don’t really want to buy another Android phone is because the model I have ( Motorola Moto Z ) is one of the worlds slimmest and lightest mobile phones manufactured by a well known brand. With its only 5.2mm thickness and the weight of only 136 g ( 4.80 oz ) and screen size of 5.5 inches with a fantastic resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels , its an absolute joy to use . Sadly it seems that currently there no other well known brand Android mobile phones that can match the above specifications . If there were I would certainly look at purchasi
  7. My android Motorola phone has become slow , I have removed every thing including apps / photos / games that I do not want . I have moved as many things onto the phones SD card. But the phone still seems generally slow . I have installed an Android app called SD Maid , and used that app to clean out the phone etc , but the phone still seem to be generally running slow . The phone is running Android Version 6.0.1 ( due to the phones age I can not update to a newer version of Android ) and I don’t really want to buy a new phone. The phone is not Rooted. Just looking around
  8. Many thanks for this , its appreciated
  9. Ive Just found this home made mushy peas thread , I see that some one mentioned to make decent mushy peas you need ‘’ Marrowfat Peas “ . I am looking to have a go at making my own mushy peas and came across this at lazada https://www.lazada.co.th/products/500g-organic-marrowfat-pea-i2026070248-s6541524111.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.46.1e7d1fffMAcbCv&search=1 I’m now wondering if any one has attempted to make their own mush peas using the marrowfat peas on sale at lazada . Thanks
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