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  1. This point has been discussed at length in Pathology circles since the start of the pandemic. I am privy to the thoughts of a state coronial investigator in the US, and he said that at first it was so ridiculous, they were filing gunshot deaths as Covid, because they HAD to -if the corpse tested +ve. Although in these BKK cases, we have homeless people, likely with chronic malnutrition, gut worms the size of pythons, and rotten livers from eating out of garbage bins. It would not take much for delta to swoop in for the kill. At least that horrific existence is over for them at last
  2. This was the Covax part of the deal they turned down, along with those other beacons of hope for humanity: North Korea, Burundi, Madagascar, Tanzania, and some other failed states I cant be bothered looking up, now what's that saying about being the sum of the five people you keep company with? On this basis alone, they are staring into more than a Covid Abyss.
  3. Thailand have the scientific capability, despite the mess the coup klutz clan made of the contract. If though, they are still building the plant (and we will really never know despite the low-key opening pressers they have done, low-key because they are backpedaling frantically away from the shade thrown on the original cunning plan -that Private Baldrick could have done a better job of.) You may be right, but from what I can gather about the deal, all is not lost, just severely delayed and curtailed. As the AZ CEO said, this is new territory -for everyone involved. Having sa
  4. This is bound to endear them to the rest of ASEAN no end. Fascinating to learn how this shamozzle all began because they intended to take advantage of the pandemic with a ham-fisted attempt at self-glorification. It's the unreported detail available in overseas based media that make it all make perfect sense. History will be rather unkind to the coup klutz clan when the story is eventually told in full.
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