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  1. It isn't the responsibility of airline to check eligibility, and consider all permutations of travel, for example I can book today to go Australia, Hong Kong, or Taiwan, even select my seats, but there's no chance in hell I'm going to get a boarding pass and be allowed on the flight. This applies to future booking too, I can take a big risk today and book a flight to Penang via KL for mid Jan, but as it stands its impossible route at the moment, maybe not 1st jan. But anyway the Op has sorted it..
  2. If the rules changed after you booked you might have leverage, however I don't believe transit to via BKK to CM for normal people has been permitted for 20 months. The flight likely exists on the booking engines because its impossible for an airline to codify all possible permutations especially in these times, and there may be exceptions (special government permissions? diplomats?) A charge of 3,000 I'd consider that a win
  3. I cant see this working. It's separate tickets and the airlines are not partners or codeshare (even on code share it wouldn't work), and I presume she will have luggage? She won't be allowed to board her first flight as Singapore airlines will check the entry conditions, and they wont ignore them just because you can present a ticket with a different airlines within a few hours, don't worry about the cash requirement as she wont reach BKK
  4. Your return legs will be automatically cancelled for not completing the full leg, all airlines are the same in this regards, it's nothing personal or to do with the reputation of the airlines. If it's a one way ticket and you somehow manage to be allowed to check-in and somehow are granted a thailand pass, this is all unlikely, but if it happens, then proceed through the health screening, and immigration and then at baggage claim tell them to retrieve your luggage. Also, no one can just take your tickets for the last leg, that just not how it works, even if name change
  5. I have the same attitude to street racing as I do to london gang-on-gang knife crime.. As long as they don't put innocent people at risk, i.e. they do at night somewhere away from traffic flows, then lets them kill themselves and each other through their own willful stupidity.. natural selection at it's finest..
  6. Ive had people bring me expensive items from abroad, like a laptop before, always instruct them throw away the box, instruction manual, peal off the protective plastic the thais so dearly love, put a car sticker on the lid, wipe your greasy hands on the screen.., never been questioned. Maybe she left the price tag on?
  7. Thailand hasn't yet gone fully insane and adopted a booster a season, although they are diligently working towards that - looks like it will eventually be 180 days, but as of today no such requirement, your original 2 shots of pzfier on the QR code qualifies you as fully vaccinated even if 10 months ago. I would use that and not complicate matters with the non-QR replacement CDC card
  8. Not sure about the bring from home route. But cost isn't expensive, at hospital, it was a few thousand baht including a private room for an hour, results back in an hour.
  9. Is there a short code to activate 1 year internet for an existing dtac number? dont mind if its a little more than the lazada offers If not the 300baht/month 10mbit is still good value, I can tether with this no problem? I know some operators in other countries have heuristics to determine if tethering and slow the speed down to 64kbit when detected
  10. Ouch imagine paying $500 for a PCR test and still having only a 4 hour guarantee, I paid 50euros for my last one and got the pdf/result in 3hrs although the guarantee was "maximum 9pm" so I guess 12hrs for those that rocked up at start of day. Agree at 700baht you had an antigen
  11. Say it could be a matter of months stuff I read
  12. Yep at 3,000 you got a chinese clonethat will go to <deleted> after a year or two, but that might suit your requirements. If you want it to last a few years and battery health to remain sane you should of paid the 6000 to apple
  13. PCR can be done as a little as 20minutes, albeit these are usually at large western airports and can cost $250+ for the dopey traveller that didnt realize he/she needed one
  14. The removal of the forte insurance is most welcome. Is 4 tourist visa from that specific embassy or all?, what would happen if you have had many but none from cambodia? $45 includes the embassy fee as well? Which agent did you use?
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