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  1. This might blow your brain, but someone was murdered last night in Thailand, I cant link to the article due to ThaitVisa rules, but the point is I can't figure it out as it's illegal to murder - how did they get the authority to do this - perhaps its just made up? Anyway, off to immigration, can't wait to explain to the immigrant officer that he has no authority to charge for residence certificate so this discussion over 500baht is not happening..
  2. Lenovo range is large. On the lower end they compete with Acer - think complete plastic <deleted> - totally expect to last a few weeks. ThinkPad is a subset that reflects quality, im sure they have different support protocols too. Not the best advertisement for the brand though when they knock out 20,000baht laptops and 4000 tablets that fail weeks later..
  3. >why wont you buy lenovo idealpad instead? they have great stock in banana it. A Thinkpad is a different beast in quality, of course this is built into the pricce. Expect an IdealPad to last as long as an Acer, anywhere from a week or two, to 18months, where as a Thinkpad a decade is not uncommon. They've been 4-8 weeks globally since at least the start of year. Some markets stock certain configs ready for 1-2-3 day shipping but usually flawed in some silly respect - e.g. heres an off the shelf 11th gen i7 with a 200 nits screen ready to go today..
  4. If you send 1baht to the account, your thai banking online banking will show the recipient name, check it matches ID. Google search the telephone number and variants of it, drop the 66, try different spacing, etc.. to see where and what else she is advertising.. Save each image of property, reverse search the property images https://images.google.com/ to see where else the property is advertised and who by. It would be unusual for the property not to be advertised by several totally incompetent and useless agents. Screenshot all interactions and save them sa
  5. Presuming absolutely no damage other than expected wear and tear then that seems completely reasonable if you leave additional money to cover next electric/water/internet/other bills and be gone.. then the whole deposit is use for the forfeit part of the term. I would pay the expected bills direct to landlord though incase the cleaner or agent collect them and they never existed..
  6. Mathematical proof to validate this accelerated rollout was kindly provided by senior TAT officials.
  7. Western Union is not bad when loading from a bank account and paying out to a bank account, the rates can be somewhat competitive actually, certainly better than any unregulated crypto transfer intermediaries, usually is a little higher than say Transferwise - I've never seen it cheaper, that said if they support the currency pair and direction you need then it's a reasonable option, there is no thai outbound on nearly all popular consumer forex services. Western union quickly get expensive with agent cash out on the destination, or card loading on the source.
  8. You also need to use the exact branch you created the account at - no chance using a different branch. In addition you need the passport that was used to registered the account. If you haven't got the passport because you havent been the bank in years and sent them home for storage, then don't think a new passport with all your identical biometric details will suffice, you need a 20baht piece of paper police report to first update the passport number, this process takes about a lifetime in-branch and 632 signatures and just as much tutting from staff. Eventually you'll be on your way to upd
  9. How did they pull this off without 20 meeting of understanding, dozens of photoshoots and a trip to five star resorts in phuket / samui / ranong on the government plan from DMK? Ah of course, yeah lockdown restrictions, amazing what motivates these people in the end to actually get shat done..
  10. It must be great to make assertions with a maybe, ponder the thought, and then get the intern to send out a press release, but farce it up a little - but I got the AZ cos some other reasons
  11. Easiest would be to find someone you trust based in Thailand but from your home country. And transfer 80k to their thai bank account from your thai bank account online. Once cleared and they are happy they can release the funds in your local currency to your local bank. The risk is on you as the requester / initiator.
  12. All locally produced are complete <deleted>, overpriced, low dose. Order from iHerb and wait a few weeks, a few doses of local Zinc won't save you from covid exposure.. There are some sellers on Lazda though that import from iHerb and resell at 2-2.5x which isn't a bad stop gap if you want to consume tomorrow
  13. He will not have been out long and be heading back again soon, it's a revolving door for many taxi drivers, win drivers, and minibus drivers addicted to yabba, no answers here but obviously the incarceration alone doesnt break the cycle..
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