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  1. Fireworks good , alcohol bad !
  2. Here is a wild and out there suggestion. OPEN THEM !!! Think that might help ease their suffering !
  3. Maybe he would like to show us an example of the harsh penalties he has thrown out to bad people ? Some of these places have been raided 2-3 times , so obviously they didn’t get the letter about jail etc
  4. They wouldn’t be in debt if they had done the above !
  5. Lot of the woman getting caught doesn’t make sense . She was taking cocaine from Dubai ? Really ? It’s the hub of cocaine trafficking now is it ? She had 4kg just sitting in a small case and not even hidden by the sound of it ? How did she get on the plane with 4kg , be it carry on or in the hold ? Surely her case would be scanned somewhere before going on the plane ? Her arrest scared off the person who it was meant to go to ? Why would they not have arrested her and taken the drugs out of the bag and then told her to carry on the delivery as planned or face life in jail
  6. Because they are all learning mandarin in school I’m guessing. Wife was at her mothers a few month ago in issan and one of the local kids about 8 year old came to say hi . He then told her what he had learned in school to speak mandarin and spouted it all off to her .
  7. I just stick with the silver fox look I have . Makes me more distinguished But while watching the f1 the last weekend and seeing a clip again from it , I think mr beckham has gone down this route of colouring his hair as his hair wasn’t too bad but his eyebrows and beard looked like they were done with a tin of spray paint !
  8. Would be hysterical if he had to test upon arrival for covid and tested positive and got stuck in quarantine !
  9. So if these seized assets are rewarded to the police involved in the raids after sales of them in the form of money , then how did joe Ferrari have so much money ?? Look at the amount of police involved who will be expecting some form of reward for their work. Did joe just refuse to share or did he go on a raid every second day of the week all on his own ?
  10. So this is where all the massage workers went ! They have been busy massaging all these numbers to levels I’m sure must be real
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