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  1. Thanks so much everyone! This is really helpful to know. My retirement visa was renewed last month so that is not an issue and I fully realize that I need a reentry permit . . .I usually get the multiple but didnt expect to need it this year. My retirement visa is Non-O. We also already have Covid insurance. So far nobody here has been able to solve the "green card" official Thai National Certificate problem. Several people here in Hua Hin are trying desperately for something more official than the A4 paper for the first jab at Bang Sue with the second jab at Hua hin Hospital re
  2. Does anyone have the latest on travel to the US by a US citizen for a funeral. . .with a quick return to Thailand? ( Family funeral) Retirement visa. Single entry but needing multiple entry of course ( where to get this?) Fully vaccinated AZ. No card . . .just the paper certificate saying so. Testing and timing? Quarantine in US? Quarantine In Thailand on my return? I know these things change week to week . . .that's why I am asking here for the latest Any help much appreciated.
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