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  1. Two points. One is that the government indicated it wants to transform Thailand from a bar scene to a family oriented destination. Yes far easier for the singles to do so but that is attracting exactly the tourist that Thailand wants to discourage. Also even singles work. Typically an employer requires some notice to take time for a holiday. Finally, what on earth if the bars and night entertainment venues are still closed or curbed would cause even the single people to come. As I stated, less than 50% of Thai residents are vaccinated. If the government wanted to do something constru
  2. It is a ridiculous approach. Even assuming you are correct that they will lift the restrictions December 1, do you really think that tourists will then at the last minute book flights, and hotels to arrive. Tourists plan for weeks if not months to obtain their flights, car rentals, hotel, and plan out activities. Second, I still find it ludicrous that Thailand a nation with less than 50% of its population vaccinated with two doses is somehow giving a Covid Colonoscopy to entering foreigners who have tested negative for Covid prior to departure, and are fully vaccinated. Its akin to
  3. So lets see, lets welcome tourists and eliminate quarantine but expect them to come to Thailand to enjoy restaurants that can not serve them a beer with their meal. No bars to socialize at. What could possibly go wrong with this plan.
  4. I know there are people who get ringing in their ears from things like Aspirin or Caffeine. If they stop ingesting those the ringing stops. In my case, I was a target shooter when I was young and before there was really good ear protection. I also used things like garden tractors, leaf blowers, string trimmers etc. I don't know what precipitated the ringing but I have had it for years. When I first got fitted for hearing aids about 6 years ago the ringing declined when wearing the hearing aids. That is still true today. I can still hear a ringing in my ears with the hearing aids
  5. I don't believe there is a treatment for Tinnitus though many claim there is. I have it and do wear hearing aids. It is less pronounced when wearing the hearing aids.
  6. I have friends who are visiting from France in January. She is Thai but no longer has a Thai passport. He is French. I told him I thought he needed to get the 50,000 USD Covid insurance from a Thai insurance company. He said his French insurance company covers him up to 100,000 Euro. I said, I didn't think a Non Thai insurance qualified for entry and that it specifically had to say $50,000 USD otherwise he might be rejected. Can you clarify for me.
  7. Ok we should start a lottery and pick the number of countries they will say can enter the country on Monday. Choices are between 6 and 290.
  8. And after you have been tested negative twice for Covid despite having been vaccinated and tested negative we will allow you to mingle on the BTS train with the locals who have received no vaccines, and not been tested. We do that to protect ourselves from being infected from foreigners.
  9. Yes have to account for prevailing wind but then again there are always fans to help push it in the correct direction.
  10. Now you are a man of my own thinking. I don't get mad, I get even. Maybe he can find some of this as well and use to spray on the garden next to the fence also. People say the smell of this is so bad that it is 100 times worse than a true skunk.
  11. Maybe Thailand should have Joe Biden explain it to everyone. His answers are always so concise and lucid.
  12. Maybe the authorities should require helmets first before worrying about elephants being hit by cars.
  13. As sad as this is, I can't help but look at the hypocrisy of the situation. You have one dead animal and there are cries for more signage to warn motorists to slow down. On the flip side not a day goes by that I don't see a news article about one or more motorcycle riders being killed. The vast majority of The vast majority of them not wearing a helmet. I took the attached photo recently as the driver was entering Sukhumvit road. One mistake and the entire family is either killed or badly injured. them o
  14. I have heard the same thing however it does seem odd given that Lazada/Shopee etc all ship phones and computers. You can even order items from out of the country from sellers on Ebay, Amazon, Ali Express etc. I suppose the worst case scenario would be to have the battery removed but that probably creates problems on the other end if the unit is going in for some sort of repair.
  15. Said that for 6 years. Guards don't do their job and village administrator does nothing. That is why I wanted to suggest a system that does not require a human being to monitor the behavior of an employee who is there merely for decoration.
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